Welcome to my Lazy Life

So my first blog post, here we go:

I have recently gotten into reading blogs and LOVE it, so I decided to write my own! Then came the hard part, what would I blog about? What would I call it? and would anyone actually read it? Guess I’ll find out.
A little about myself, I’m 25 (turning 26 at the end of this month), I live in Las Vegas, NV (not as crazy as people might think), and I’m finishing up two masters degrees at UNLV. So while I am lazy, I do work hard when I have to!
This blog will focus on how I get through life’s ups and downs through shopping, food, fitness and traveling!
I LOVE to travel and am basically on the move as much as possible, even though I was working two part time jobs and taking four grad school classes a semester.
I would love any tips or advice on what you would like to hear from me! 

One thought on “Welcome to my Lazy Life

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