Most Wanted List

I have been on a major shopping binge lately (sorry Mom, I’m stressed). I can’t seem to stop myself from buying things, even though my bank account is hovering around $0. To help curb my shopping downward spiral, I’m going to put a few things that are on my most wanted list. Most of these things are designer hand bags and shoes. Those are always my weakness, but designer clothes are up there too!


Number 1 on the most wanted list is the above Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha bag in bright plum. I’m OBSESSED with marc by marc jacobs and I want all of his handbags/watches/jewelry.


Number 2 on this list is the TOMS crochet shoes, they are sold out EVERYWHERE, because if they weren’t I would have already had a pair or 2. I want them in natural and black, so if you see them in size 7.5 anywhere let me know!!!


Number 3 on the list is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Crystal Bracelet watch in Rose Gold. I’m really into the rose gold jewelry right now! And this watch is called Amy, I think it was meant for me! Check out the other rose gold watches he has out right now AND jewelry, which isn’t too expensive and i may buy if I get a nordstrom note soon.


Number 4 is a pair of citizens of humanity amber jeans in moon river wash. I love these jeans and cut, they are my favorite and I’m in need of a new pair. I’m hoping to score a pair on sale at the nordstrom anniversary sale.


Number 5 is the JustBeats Solo. Yes I know they’re by Justin Bieber, but I really want them because they’re purple, I can’t help that my fav color is the same as a 16 year old teen heart throb!! I’ve always wanted really nice headphones but can’t seem to throw down $200 for them, that could get me a designer bag or 4 pairs of TOMS.

Hope you enjoyed my most wanted list! They’re will definitely be updates in the future!

What is on your most wanted list??

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