Goody Spin Pins Review

I have two different hair styles: down and up. I have really straight hair, so I just have to straighten the ends after I blow dry it. My other option is pulled back in a ponytail. If you know me, you know that’s the extent of my hair styles. I don’t know how to braid or do anything fancy. When I first saw the goody spin pins I was intrigued. They made it look so easy! But I know I’m the perfect person to test them out, because I have ZERO skills when it comes to hair styling! 

I first checked at wal-mart and they were sold out, luckily target had them and in the dark hair color. They’re a lil bit cheaper at wal-mart so I would suggest picking them up there if money is a factor for you. These look simple enough right? Hmmmm we’ll get to that!
They’re not very big, but seem strong, it wouldn’t be easy for me to break them (always a plus when you’re a klutz).
This little instruction booklet is shows you the 3 “easy” steps. I guess if you’re hair talented it is!
Before picture. Notice the smile on my face, it does not last long before frustration sets in.
Attempt one, total failure, I couldn’t get my hair to stay up in it.
Attempt 2 was better but a little bit messy.
Top view of attempt 3, my only real success of the night

Side view of attempt 3, decent if I’m going for a messy look!
I think with more patience (and less sangria, I made my own last night and had a glass or two before attempting this) I would be more successful. I also used a hair tie to have a more solid base to begin with. I look forward to having more time to play around with these to add a new style to my hair style portfolio. If you’re looking for a step to step guide, Goody’s twitter sent me the following link to a youtube video. She makes it look so easy! 
Overall I think this has potential to be a great hair styling tool, if only I could figure out how to use it! 
What are your favorite or go to hair styles? Do you try new hair products?

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