Channel Changing Randomness = Happiness

I am on a weird work schedule right now, I’ve been switching between day and night shifts and right now I’m on the night shift. While not going to bed til 5 am sucks, going to work at 7:30 pm has it perks! Like how I’m currently laying in bed watching tv and blogging.

I get joy out of changing the channel and turning to EXACTLY my favorite part in a movie. Today that has happened twice!! And it’s not like I’m looking at the guide to find these movies (my main tv is broken and in tv warranty repair land for another couple weeks so I only have my little bedroom tv with no dvr or guide), it’s just pure chance!

The first movie I stumbled upon was Remember the Titans! I absolutely LOVE this movie and I turned it on in the 2nd half of the state championship, Ryan Gosling (so young and cute in this) was giving up his spot for someone else who plays better. Then they WIN!

The second movie I found with my channel surfing skills is 27 Dresses. One of my favorite chick flicks ever (and my dad’s shhhhh I didn’t tell you that) and while I love many parts of this movie, them singing benny and the jets is HILARIOUS! and I turned the channel right before that moment. I’m also someone who hates awkward moments in movies (and tv shows) so I was happy I changed the channel after their fight/crashing of the car. 
Then they fall madly in love! Pretty sure I’ll be watching the rest of this movie before I head into work tonight (while searching for favorite parts in other movies during commercials). 
So finding these two movies definitely brightened my day! Hope you all are having a great Sunday and weekend! My weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday this week!
What are your favorite parts of movies? Do you get excited when you randomly stumble upon your favorite parts in movies?? 

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