Things I Love Thursday

Sorry for being MIA this week, I have been busy watching my friend Phil make the November 9 in the World Series of Poker (there will be a full post on this soon!), and working on my paper. To top things off my wireless router has decided to stop working, which really limits my internet to my iphone, unless I connect the hard wire straight to my laptop, which is SO annoying.

On to the things I love, we’ll start out with one of my biggest obsessions:

Angry Birds the Original

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Seasons
I love this game and have beaten all the levels with 3 stars. I get so excited when new levels come out, but those birds can make you angry! It is a fun, yet sometimes frustrating game. I hope to get an ipad sometime this year, so then I will start angry birds all over again!
I also love Moscato wine my favorite being:
Barefoot Moscato. It’s cheap and yummy. It also makes the best white wine sangria.
Hope you all are having a great week! I hope to get back to more regular blog posting once I get my wifi situation figured out!

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