Things I Love Thursday

So I’ve been surviving this week and hanging in there. Good news is my paper is done, well for the most part and my parents are here!

This post will be dedicated to the people I love the most, my parents. We have already been doing stuff around Vegas, or as much as their energy level can handle from the long plane flights across the country and a 3 hour time change.

My parents in San Francisco last year

At my cousin’s wedding in 2006

My parents and I in 2007 at a graduation reception.

I’m so excited my parents are here. Since I’m an only child we’re very close and they haven’t been in Vegas since I moved here two years ago. I look forward to all the fun posts I’ll have after all the touristy stuff we will be doing. They’re the best and probably deserve a much longer more dedicated post, but my wifi access is scarce since my router is down.

Also check out one of my new blend’s (blog friend), Lindsay, giveaway here. She’s so cute and has great work out ideas if you’re looking to mix things up!

I’m hoping to get a 7 links post up soon, we’ll see.

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