Yeah so I graduated, now what?

So yesterday I graduated with two masters degrees and joined the ranks of the unemployed, now what do I do?

I spent yesterday going on two job interviews, both went well, but one was just a screening interview with a recruiter, so nothing to be too excited about. The first interview was for a job I really want and I felt it went well. I will know by next week sometime, so keep your fingers crossed for me πŸ™‚

After job interviews I relaxed for a lil while and then went to meet with some friends for trivia at a local bar. I lack a lil concentration when it comes to games, especially obscure trivia. I’d much rather do celebrity gossip or random celebrity trivia. I’m VERY knowledgeable in those areas! So after two hours of really weird trivia I went home to watch the new Pretty Little Liars (soo soo addicted to this show).

Now that I have no set schedule, I feel like I need to set goals for myself to ensure I don’t sit at home all day and do nothing. I may do this a couple days since I want to enjoy the time off before I re-enter the real world, but I want to get into a workout routine so I have the habits in place before I can use a job as an excuse. I’m trying to leave my place at least once a day to get some social interaction, whether its through lunches with friends or running errands. I’m also checking for any new job at least once a day and applying for any I see.

So far so good with that, as I had lunch with a great friend today and have another lunch date set up for Friday. I’m also hoping to finally read all the glamour and cosmo magazines that are piling up on my coffee table. Hopefully I’ll get a nice lil tan too.

All I can do is enjoy my time off and still be productive in finding a job.

Now I’m off to go check out this movie…

Don’t judge! I just want to be jealous of Heather Morris’ abs and stare at Darren Criss.

And really I don’t have the answer to the now what question. I’m just going to keep on keeping on and hope for the best!

12 thoughts on “Yeah so I graduated, now what?

  1. thanks ks! nancy and john sent me a nice graduation card πŸ™‚ the movie was SOOO SOOO GOOD! go right NOW. i seriously came home and bought the soundtrack.

    • Thanks! I have to set the goals or I will really just sit around all day. As much as I love being lazy and laying around all day, I will admit I get restless sometimes and have to do something or i go crazy!

  2. Thinking of you while you’re job hunting!! I’m sure you’ll find a job in no time πŸ™‚ As much as I miss being able to lay around the house each day, I love working in the real world (mainly because of the pay checks ;)). I think it’s great that you’re setting goals because if you didn’t you’d feel unproductive. By setting goals you can reach your goals πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sara! I’m hoping I get good news early next week! I can’t wait to have real paychecks again. I think feeling unproductive is what really bothers me about laying around all day. I feel guilty for not doing the stuff I should of done. I’ve done well the last few days of being productive πŸ™‚

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