Mommy Wow I’m a Big Girl Now

Does anyone remember the commercial where the title of this post comes from? Pull-ups anyone? For some reason the catchy (not in a good way) commercial jingle popped into my head this afternoon. It may be because this afternoon I received a phone call offering me the job I interviewed for last week that I really really wanted! I am now an Internet Marketing Manager for the corporate office of one the large casino/hotel companies in Vegas. Once I figure out exactly what that means I’ll fill you in. I’m really excited for this opportunity!

The job search has not been easy for me, as I’m not so great with rejection. Although I am a great interviewer, I can’t deny it and I’m not trying to sound cocky by any means. It’s definitely a good skill of mine and it’s taken some time. I’ve found that if I can get a face to face interview then I have a very high success rate of being offered a job. Out of all the jobs I’ve had, only once have I been rejected after a face to face interview. And to be honest, I knew I bombed the interview. I had never interviewed for a job in that area before and just wasn’t ready for the questions. I walked out of thinking it would be a miracle if I got a call for a second interview. I have been looking for a job since May. I ended up taking the World Series of Poker Internship for the summer, so that slowed down my job search a lil bit, but by mid June I was applying for any job that seemed interesting. I have a strong background in hotel operations after 5 years with Ritz-Carlton, but I really wanted to branch out into internet marketing or social media. I applied for numerous jobs and had given up hope on getting a job that would truly make me happy, until I applied for the job I just got. I applied on a Sunday night, got an email for an interview on Monday, interviewed Tuesday, a week later drug tested, and two weeks from the first email I will start working. When a company wants you, they really show it.

I took myself out of the running for a job that would involve social media and sustainability (which is another passion of mine due to my professional paper), because I just didn’t feel it was the right fit. After I turned that down, I started to question my decision, but I’m thankful I did because now I have the opportunity to start a career in a new industry, with a great company.

Last summer I was questioning whether going back to grad school was the right move for me. My first year in the UNLV MBA program was tough, I felt like I hadn’t learned as much as I thought I would. I was watching friends and co-workers get promoted and starting great careers. And I was broke, lost, and just not very happy. I spent that summer trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and just trying to find myself again. Luckily I started the hotel portion of my program last fall and began to feel better about my decision to go to grad school. While I may be a lil behind in the career aspect, in the long run my degrees will help me go farther than most. I started to get my passion for hotels back and I discovered my true love, social media and all things technology. While I’m not overly skilled in the technology world, I love reading about it and learning more. I’m so excited to be starting out in an industry I have a passion for!

I had another post planned for today, but I figured this news was much more interesting.

If you’re looking for me, I’m that girl who’s running around vegas with a huge grin on her face, super excited and probably throwing up deuces like this…


or even better like this…

cause that’s super cute right?

I’m off to dinner with my bff at my fav sushi restaurant! And its Jerzday! I know I can’t be the only one excited to see Ronnie and the Situation fight!

6 thoughts on “Mommy Wow I’m a Big Girl Now

    • naps to stay awake for jersey shore are essential! i’m driving a friend to the airport right when it starts, but I’ll be watching it commercial free as soon as I get home. Good luck with finding a job, it took me a while, but I think I found the right fit for me.

  1. Congrats on the job…Sounds like fun. I will be on the job search now that I have moved to Vegas for school. I will probably be looking in marketing since I owned a marketing company, but I might go back to my human resources/training roots. Congratulations on the job again!

    P.S. I hate to admit but I will also be watching Jersey Shore. I think I just lost some of my manhood admitting that.

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