Haute Chix Fashion Truck

Last weekend at the Saturday Night Truck Stop I finally got the chance to check out the newest truck concept the Haute Chix Fashion Truck. I had really been looking forward to this. The truck is soo cute and they have really cute merchandise.

Haute Chix has two store locations, one in Boca Park and the other in Southern Highlands. Everything on the truck was reasonably priced. Once I have a lil bit more spending cash I will definitely be checking out the stores!

This is the logo on their bags, so cute.

The front of the truck was a lil shorter than the back, so I had to slightly bend over to fit. They really fit a lot of merchandise into a small space without it being overwhelming. In the back they even have a dressing room to try stuff on.

I did end up purchasing a couple things, but everything was so affordable it fit into the food truck budget I set for myself.

They even give a free tank top with purchase. I really love this concept. It’s a great way for a local boutique to find new customers and get their name out there. I have seen one of their stores before but didn’t know much about it so I never went in. Now I know how reasonably priced they are and how cute the merchandise is, so I’ll definitely be checking them out in the future.

For more info on Haute Chix you can check out their twitter or their website.

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