Things I love Thursday

Well I am still Internetless so here’s another blog post from my trusty iPhone. I can’t believe it’s thursday already and I’m actually out in the real world working. It’s my first full work day so I’m pretty excited.

Since I’m writing this on my phone you will be getting a short and sweet post. My new favorite treat are these…


Which are …


These things are amazing. Not too bad calorie wise and whenever I need a sweet treat they’re only a few steps away.

They have a mix of strawberry and vanilla ice cream between vanilla wafers. I’m not a huge chocolate person so they’re perfect for me.

What are your favorite treats?

What’s the longest your Internet has been out?

I’m really over it and will probably be calling the Internet company tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Things I love Thursday

  1. When I was in Europe I didn’t have internet really, but that wasn’t too bad. Growing up my parents refused to get wireless until I was in college so it sucked going through high school using dial up on their computer!!

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