I’ve decided to try….

I’ve never considered myself a runner. After many years of playing softball and basketball year round while growing up through high school, I was an athlete, but never a runner. Basketball definitely makes you run a lot, but mostly with speed work. I couldn’t tell you how many suicides I’ve run in life. Honestly I hope to never run them again, but I think those years definitely gave running a bad name. I’ve never tried to run since, to me it was always a chore, or part of the game.

When I started doing cardio in my life after high school sports, I was never big on the treadmill. I’m so klutzy and uncoordinated I have the fear that I’m going to fall off (I’m surprised I still haven’t). In college I fell in love with the arc trainer, but those are hard to find in apartment complex gyms, so I’ve been stuck with the elliptical and the bike. I actually love the bike but I feel like I don’t push myself enough on those to get a decent enough workout (I do want to try a spin class though, I think that will totally kick my butt).

My one gym love…

So after many thoughts and reading of other blogs, I’ve decided to give running a try. I never really gave it a chance after sports and I think I may be a little scarred after suicides, but I think it deserves a chance. I was in the best shape of my life when all that running was involved and I would love to be in that kind of shape again (I have no interest in being my high school weight, I just want to be more toned and fit). It’s still wayyyyyy too hot in Vegas to run outdoors. I want to give running a fair chance and the 100 degree temps will not be good. I’m thinking October will be my running month. I know it won’t be easy and I plan on taking it REALLY slow, like running for a minute, then walking for two. I just want to see if I like running and if I don’t then I join a gym with an arc trainer and spin classes.

Hopefully I don’t look too much like this…

I also don’t plan on running any races anytime soon. Maybe one day, but I’m not sure races are my thing. I prefer to work out alone so running in front of a bunch of people probably won’t be my thing. But if I do fall in love with running, I know when I visit Florida, my mom will always be a good running partner (if I’m not too slow to run with her, the woman has run half marathons and sprint triathlons).

Any advice for a newbie runner?

6 thoughts on “I’ve decided to try….

  1. You can do it! I’m a total newbie to running…been running consistently a few months now. My advice is stick to a schedule, and try to avoid skipping runs or making excuses. At the same time, if you really need a rest- take a rest! I started out walking and running in intervals. Now I still take walking breaks now and then…but I can run/walk 4 miles at a time. This is HUGE for me…I’ve never been a runner! πŸ™‚ Now I encouraged a friend of mine to run with me, and it’s even more fun! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I hope I can get to 4 miles at once, I’m hoping to make it one mile when I start out. I’ll try to work out a schedule, but my work sometimes includes dinners, so I’ll have to be flexible.

  2. if i can – anyone can. i am the least coordinated and most clumsy person ever – and i’ve only fallen off a treadmill once. your plan for starting out sounds good. there are also couch to 5k plans you can look up – just to get an idea of what to do if you did ever want to run 3 miles..good luck

    • Thanks. I may check those out, I’ve heard of the couch to 5k, I just never looked into it before. I think my biggest fear in the gym is to fall off a treadmill!

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