DIY Pizza

Yep, that’s right, I made PIZZA, by MYSELF, without a recipe. I’m a culinary genius (doubtful), or just got lucky this time. I’ve really been trying to cook at home as much as possible. It’s nice to have a normal work schedule and not have evening classes. I can actually make a dinner and enjoy it. I just wish I had more space to invite people over and cook for them.

So I didn’t make my own dough (this is the life of a lazy girl, you know) but when I was strolling through the grocery store, I found this…

Okay so I took this picture after I already started making the pizzas, oops

It looked the perfect thing to use for pizzas and it has a garlic flavor (winning).  Since it came with in a pack of two, I knew I could try two different types of pizza. I’m not big on marinara sauces because I have acid reflux, so anything tomato based is super harsh for me. So the sauces I chose were…

alfredo sauce

pesto sauce

And I only added this to the top…

I just added a layer of the sauce, covered it with the cheese and placed them in the oven at 400 degrees. I didn’t time how long it took but I just took them out when the cheese was melted. The final product looked like this…

ok so I was so hungry I cut them and took a bite from one before taking a picture.

The whole process took around 15 min max, maybe only 10 minutes. This girl was VERY happy with the quick prep and cook time. The pizzas were AMAZING, I was actually really surprised at how good they tasted. Next time I definitely want to add chicken or sausage. I ate half of each pizza so it made two yummy meals for me. Next up on the homemade front is spaghetti squash, I’m a lil afraid of the results of that.

Have you ever made your own pizzas? What kind of toppings do you like?



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