Smarter the 2nd time around

While on the phone with my mom last night, I was mapping out my workout plan for the weekend. I had been itching to go running again, I didn’t have time during the week (and my body is still adjusting to waking up early everyday), so I planned to run on Saturday, and then try yoga or some other type of class at the gym on Sunday (oh yeah I joined a gym this week).

This morning I woke up and was SUPER hungry. That’s pretty rare for me, I usually have to force myself to eat a lil something because I know I need the fuel.  I didn’t want to run on an empty stomach, so I decided to eat breakfast, read some blogs and let my stomach settle.

An hour or so later I headed out for a run. I tried to be a little smarter this time around. I downloaded an app on my iphone called Couch to 5k, which keeps track of the intervals of walking and running for me. A voice tells me when to run and walk. This was super helpful. I was also able to play my music at the same time. It was nice to not be continually checking my phone all the time. The intervals were perfect for me, I was pretty much dying every time a minute came up.

One funny/weird thing happened on my run. I was in the middle of one of the walking intervals and all the sudden a hear a man’s voice yelling at me. Now he only said “god bless you” as he whizzed by on his bike. But it was enough to make me jump 3 feet in the air and freak out. I may have even screamed a lil bit. The man was only trying to be nice, but yelling at me while I have headphones on (and can’t hear him coming) def was a bad choice. It took about 30 seconds for my heart to stop racing.

I survived the run and felt pretty good about it. This time around I also wore a sweatband (that I got as a freebie) that had a zippered pocket that was perfect to hold my key. During my first run I was afraid my keys would fall out of that little pocket built into my shorts, so I was very happy to have them secured in a zippered pocket.

So I never did blog about the after effects from last weeks run. I ended up with a nice migraine that night they kept me awake for most of the night and was walking funny for two days. But I don’t think I drank enough water afterwards so I paid the price. This time I drank one of these afterwards to replenish some electrolytes…

I’ve been drinking lots of water and making sure I’m eating well, while watching lots of college football action. I’ve got to re-hydrate before another wine walk tonight.

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