Spaghetti Squash Success

While watching the Gamecocks beat Vandy last night (it wasn’t pretty) I decided to finally make the spaghetti squash that had been chilling in fridge for the past few days. I’ve been afraid of the spaghetti squash and really worried I would mess this up somehow. I did a lil research on the internet (thanks google) and decided to go the microwave route (the lazy way always wins out here).

I made sure to pierce the skin of the squash because apparently it can explode in the microwave if you don’t. 15 min (and a couple turns) later, I was pretty sure it was done. I took out all the gross stuff in the middle (which totally reminded why I never carve pumpkins) and started making the “spaghetti”…

After just one half I had this much…

While doing this I was also cooking this…

Then I tossed the sausage with alfredo sauce and the end result was this…

It was the perfect meal before heading out to the Wine Walk.

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