Sydney and The World Race

I really have an amazing family. I truly value the great relationships I have with almost all of my family members. As an only child, my cousins are the closest things I have to siblings. My beautiful cousin, Sydney, is heading off on an amazing adventure for 11 months. She will be traveling around the world on a mission trip. While religion is not a strong part of my life, I really respect my cousin for going completely out of her comfort zone to do what she feels is god’s path for her.

Sydney has decided to put her life on hold, sell most of her material possessions (including her car), and leave her family to go on this mission trip. To go on this trip she had to raise $15,000, which covers most of the costs for her to go on the trip. She managed to raise the money, but could still use a little more (I’ll be linking to her blog at the end of this post, if you’re interested in donating).  She starts her journey in Guatemala, and will travel through central/south america, make her way to Africa, and then through Asia. The conditions won’t be the greatest, Syd will also even have to camp in some places and it will be a huge adjustment. I know that this will be a difficult journey, as Sydney is very close to her parents and sister, and being apart from them for this long will be the hardest part of this for her.

My relationship with Sydney really began to grow in high school and college. We’re only 6 months apart age wise and while we are two very different people, we both have love and respect for each other. She is a strong, independent woman, with amazing values and a huge heart. She is very sensitive, but not in that annoying, crying all the time way, but in the cares about things so much she gets very emotional way. I truly admire who she has become and I’m very proud of her.

I am so fortunate that I got to spend a lil bit of time with her a couple weeks ago at her sister’s wedding. While it wasn’t a lot, I’m glad it was something. I wish I could of spent more time hearing about her trip, easing her fear or anxiety, or given her a big HUG!

A lil message to Syd,

I will be thinking of you constantly and sending positive vibes your way. Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when venturing out in various cities. Eat weird, crazy foods, because when can you tell someone you ate blank in blank, again (like how I ate guinea pig in Cusco, Peru). Take in all the beauty these countries have to offer, soak in as many mental images as possible (I sat at the top of Machu Picchu for 20 minutes just looking over the whole site), and live in the moment.  Be prepared to take lots of medicine for stomach issues, it’s inevitable and your whole group will laugh about it. When you get homesick just remember we all miss you too, and we’re only an email, phone call, skype, or face time away. I can’t wait to read your blog while you’re traveling and when you get back I will look forward to all the amazing stories you will have to tell. I love you cuz! And I know you can do this, not matter how hard it will be, you will succeed and grow so much! Here’s a big virtual HUG! And on a side note, I’m sorry one of the last Auburn games you will see will be the butt kicking they will receive from South Carolina on Saturday!- Amy

If you want more information on the world race, check out their website, or if you want updates about how Sydney is doing, or want to donate to the cause, check out her blog. And if you’re religious, pray for her, and if you’re not religious, send positive vibes.

2 thoughts on “Sydney and The World Race

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out on your blog cuz! So thankful for you and wish we had more time together at the wedding too. I love following you blog and will continue to over the next 11 months! Love you 🙂

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