Workout weekend

I really didn’t do a lot this weekend, besides lay on my couch,watch college football and work out. Saturday morning I had my first personal training session at my new gym. My gym membership includes 3 training sessions in the first month and 1 a month after that. I really liked my trainer, she made me feel at ease, was easy to talk to and actually thought I was athletic. I guess I still have an athletic build, but looks are really deceiving, and I’m so out of shape. My trainer wasn’t pushy, but was supportive and showed me a good beginner  workout. My shoulders are still killing from the military press! I’m looking forward to learning more stuff next week.

The rest of Saturday was pretty miserable with the Gamecock loss and such. I started my Sunday off with a body flow class. The instructor is great and she switched it up from the last class and brought back an older version of body flow. I liked it better than the last one, and I’m looking forward to it the next 3 weeks. I definitely need to work on my balance and flexibility and this class really helps with that.

With my workout done early, I had a skype date with mf bff Katie who is still galavanting around Europe. It was nice to catch up a lil bit. 🙂 i miss her!

The rest of my afternoon was spent running errands, and only shopping at places with coupons. If you need any workout clothes, Kohl’s has a lot of stuff on clearance. So from Kohl’s I picked up this…

Can’t wait to make cake pops! I may even wait for Katie to get back, because let’s be real, she’s way better at this kind of stuff

and I picked up this…

Which was all on clearance, so I paid $7 for the top and $6.50 for the shorts. UM YESSSS

Then I headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond and picked up these two things (One with a $5 off coupon and the other with a 20% off coupon)…

and this…


And my last stop was for dinner, because whenever I’m in the same plaza as Chipotle I have to pick up my favorite burrito bowl. Sorry I’m not sorry I was so hungry I ate it without taking a picture. I also got a shellac manicure today from probably the most interesting manicurist I’ve ever met. She was very very different and pretty much talked the entire time about the strangest things. I’m not sure I would go back there because she’s a lil too much too handle.

The weekends seem to go by so fast, even though I don’t do much, and it will be a busy work week for me, but I like it!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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