Big Things Happened…

I haven’t been blogging as much recently, I’ve kind of hit a blogging block. Not as much to say and I hate when I write something that I’m not even sure I would enjoy reading on a blog. So I took a lil break.

Big things happened this week…

Like the iPhone 4S, which in all honestly, was a slight let down for me. I was at work during the big announcement, luckily I have two monitors, so one was dedicated to two different live blogs from the event, while the other had my end of the month reports that I was working on. I love the ability to multitask (and have two monitors). I was really hoping for a radical change, a bigger screen and just something more. Don’t get me wrong, I did go pre-order a phone yesterday (ugh the hassle, we’ll get to that), but after waiting for 16 months I just expected something bigger.

But let’s be real, I’m STOKED about Siri, I’ve always wanted my own assistant and the thought of dictating texts is awesome. Hopefully it works well, I guess I’ll know in less than a week. I’m also looking forward to the new operating system (iMessaging, anyone?) and the fact that the screen will have some fingerprint proof coating on it. I HATE the smudges on my iPhone. I also really want the white phone, I love my white iPad, so it will be nice to match (yes I’m a huge apple geek). And get excited for better photos on the blog (since I take most of the photos with my iPhone) since the new phone has a way upgraded camera.

I know some people just don’t get the whole apple thing, but I have a htc evo for work and I’m not a fan. I don’t see what you android people love about it, I think you just enjoy hating apple.

The other big news was the death of Steve Jobs. Being the huge apple fan that I am I was definitely sad. The products he envisioned and created have definitely changed my life. It all begin with my iPod mini, then nano (which I still have and use), followed by a mac book (almost 3 years now), an iPhone 4 (16 months ago) and my most recent apple purchase, iPad 2. Soon I will add the iPhone 4S to the mix, and probably a new nano (it’s perfect for running and listening to music). He was an inspiration for so many people and truly changed multiple industries (computers, cell phones, music) for the better (in my opinion).

It was a big apple week, with good and sad news. I’m pretty excited to pick up my new iPhone 4S on Friday, and will be selling my ATT iPhone 4 (which is in great shape) so if you’re interested let me know!

Are you apple or android?

If you’re android, what do you like about it?

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