Weekend Routine

I’ve been getting into my workout routine for the weekend, trainer on Saturday, Body Flow on Sunday. I like it, it makes my muscles hurt, but in a good way.

My 2nd personal training session went well, we upgraded from the beginner machines to the more advanced machines. I used muscles I didn’t know existed and hurt today in places I didn’t know I could hurt. I find that it’s easier for me to push through pain in strength training than cardio. I guess it’s because I don’t have omg I feel like I’m going to pass out feeling from doing cardio when on weight machines. Yes it hurt to keep doing the leg press 4 more times, but it doesn’t require as much mental strength to do that than it does to force in a few more intervals on the treadmill. My trainer pushes me in a good way, while making me feel comfortable and not feel like an idiot on machines. She’s more concerned with form than the amount of weight on the machine. Next week she’s already talking about making me face my fear of running on the treadmill (I’m afraid I’m going to go flying off the treadmill) and make me do lots of planks (um those hurt, can we skip that).

Not gonna lie, I walked into Body Flow this morning and there was a different instructor, and  was just not feeling it. It had taken a lot of mental convincing to even go to class this morning, and when I walked in a saw a different instructor I was sad. But what can you do, I wanted to the workout, and I’m not gonna walk out of the class. This instructor was very different and was more new age, hippie-ish. Whatever works for you, but I tried my best to do the exercises. I still suck at balance, but maybe one day I’ll get it right. Also every week has been a different Body Flow class, so it’s hard to get in a rhythm and figure out the moves. I know variation is good, but I feel like I’ll never learn the poses or get better at them if every class is different.

This weekend I actually did have a social life. Instead of staying in every night, I’ve gone out to meet friends. It’s been nice to catch up with people and not feel so lame on the weekends. I did however go home by 11 each night, I guess I’m still slightly a grandma but oh well.

Today I’m cleaning up my place. I’m the worst at hanging up clothes, so I told myself before I can go to the limited and buy new clothes, I have to put away all the clothes I already have. The Limited is having their 40% off the whole store sale and I received a $30 reward coupon, so might as well pick up some stuff. But don’t worry (I’m talking to you Mom) I will be limiting it.

Do you have a weekend workout routine? Does it throw off your weekend if you miss a workout?

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