I Found It!

Yep I did it, I found the perfect black heel for work.

So for those of you who have had the pleasure to be around me, you know that heels are just not my thing. I usually only wear them to the club (and I’m pretty sure it’s been a year since I’ve to a club) or when I wear a suit, because the pant legs are too long and it just looks better with a suit. I’m also a tall girl, around 5’9 so people don’t realize I wear flats most of the time. I don’t walk well in heels either, but honestly they do make a girls legs look GOOD. They give me muscle I didn’t know I had (or at least it looks that way).

I bought an amazing pair of heels when I started working, but when I wore them I thought I was going to die. The amount of walking I have to do when I go to a property it’s A LOT and if you don’t have the right pair of shoes it just doesn’t work. So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect black wedge. I find that I can walk better in wedges (I’m clumsyyyyyy) and they make me feel more comfortable.

They’re hot, but they HURT

So I’ve been on the prowl, I found these online….

And after checking them out in the store (and realizing they cost $90) they didn’t look very comfortable. Plus Aldo was super crowded and made me uncomfortable ( I like to have space when I’m shopping, if someone is banging into me or hitting me with bags, it’s a turn off).

I then turned to my usual shoe store, nine west, but they just didn’t have what I wanted, so then I spotted a store on the bottom floor of the mall, and thought well if anyone will have comfortable shoes it would be there. So I went to…

Yep Aerosoles, I’m officially a grandma, but I found the cutest shoe in the store (trust me I looked at all of them) and it was EXACTLY what I wanted.

I bought the black and I may go back for the tan

You know they’re cute! and I’m happy to report that I rocked them all day today and yesterday. My feet feel great and I have no blisters or anything! SCORE. I may even go back and buy them in other colors. The shoes have great support and good cushioning.

What is your go to comfort heel?

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