Things I Love Thursday

Yesterday I made an unexpected stop at Sam’s club. I had a laser hair removal appointment but ended up getting there 30 minutes early, so I popped into Sam’s club to pick up bottled water and paper towels. I ended up getting two things that I’m just LOVING right now.

Number 1 …

I’m so in love with almond butter right now, but this bad boy is HUGE and even better costs the same as buying one little jar in a regular store. Sorry I’m not sorry that I bought two of these bad boys and will probably stash one at work.

Number 2…

Crystal light mocktails… ummmm hello freshman year of college, where Katie, Brittaney and I mixed crystal light and vodka (and some water too) for the poor college kid drink (sorry mom and dad, I did drink in college). I can’t wait for november when Katie will be back from Europe and Brittaney will be visiting! There will be a lil crystal light + alcohol drinking going on. Dearest Meg I wish you were coming too.

I may make my own before waiting the 3 weeks before this can happen (i love anything that involved mojitos).

Sorry for the short post but I am waking up at 5 am to go to best buy to pick up my iphone 4s so I can hopefully get it before work. Thinking I may do a video blog to show you how cool it is. Plus you all will have to meet my new assistant Siri somehow.


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