The Big Let Down

Yesterday was the big launch day for the iPhone 4s. As I’m sure you can tell from previous blog posts I’m quite the technology geek. I preordered my iPhone 4s through bestbuy and even called them the day before launch day to find out the procedure for launch day.

On launch day I woke up at 5 am, which is SUPER early for me. I wanted to be at bestbuy by 7 am which was an hour before the store opened. I loaded up with Luna bars and water for my wait in line. I was hoping to be in a good place in line so I could make it to work on time.

I got to bestbuy and saw there were not a lot of cars in the parking lot. I ended up 10th in line. I was feeling really good about getting my phone today. So when 8 am rolled around and bestbuy opened their doors I was super excited.

But then it all went down hill. Turns out they didn’t get in all the models so they didn’t have my phone, but I could switch it out for a different phone. BUT the woman who was three spots ahead of me took my last option to switch for. It was also about the time I needed to leave for work and I just wanted to know where I was on the preorder list to judge how long I would have to wait. While waiting for that, the woman who got the last phone had the audacity to complain to me about how she could only get one phone instead of the two she preordered. Now I’m not so friendly in the morning, especially when I wake up two hours earlier than normal and I’m not getting what I want. So I responded to her with at least you’re getting a phone today, I’m leaving with nothing. I also told her I’m really into technology and really wanted a phone, she proceeded to tell me that she was into technology (she was at least 65 years old). She asked which phone I had in my hand, I told her the iPhone 4, she then said oh I had the 3, to which I responded I guess you’re not really into technology then and walked away before I punched an old lady.

After almost fighting an old lady I then went to work and couldn’t really hide my severe disappointment.

Don’t worry I have good news, but you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for that!

4 thoughts on “The Big Let Down

  1. Really had to laugh about that. I’m 67 and love techie stuff with a passion. I, however, would not be the snit that woman was. Being who I am, I’d probably give you mine….

    Good news to follow IS good news. I’m going to assume you finally got your phone and love, love it! I’m pretty excited about the white but have to save a few more pennies.

    • I think you’ll like my newest post šŸ™‚ And you are definitely into technology, I can tell that by your facebook, I just used her age to depict the scene.

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