Best Phone Call EVER

After The Big Let Down on Friday, I was just hoping to have a nice relaxing Saturday. I got up and was able to go to my friends’ house for the Gamecock game. The Gamecocks pulled out the victory, but we lost our star player, Marcus Lattimore for the season with a knee injury. Sucks for the rest of our season, but hopefully other players will step up and still make this season great! I’m trying to be optimistic here.

After the game, I skyped with Katie (still at our friends’ house, so they could say hi too) and just as we were saying good bye, my phone rings, and it’s bestbuy. Bestbuy was calling because my iPhone 4s was in and they wanted to set up an appointment. Obv I set up the earliest appointment possible. I also asked about their phone trade-in program, which allows me to trade-in my iPhone 4 and receive a Bestbuy gift card in return.

I headed over to Bestbuy, my first stop in the store was to the geek squad to trade in my phone. They gave me $242 for it. Um SCORE. After that whole process, I headed over to my appointment with the mobile team.  They only received 20 of the type of iphone 4s I ordered in and I was the 20th person to pre-order that type of phone. WOW I just made it! I spent an hour with the mobile guy as he activated my phone, made sure everything was working, and we asked Siri funny questions. She had trouble hearing because it was pretty loud in the store.

Last night I had some fun asking Siri random questions. My favorite was asking Siri to find me a boyfriend. She pulled up a dating service that was 5 minutes from my apartment. Why thanks Siri just the place to find my next boyfriend. This is Siri’s response after I say thank you for doing something…


She even learned my name and everything. I’ve had a few times where the network was busy and wasn’t able to answer a question.

Overall I’m loving my new phone. I plan on doing a video blog at some point so you can see how Siri works. For those of you who are tired of my apple love fest posts, don’t worry, I’ve got a chili post coming tomorrow… as long as it turns out good in an hour or so.

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