Texting vs Talking

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while, I’m just getting adjusted to having a full load of campaigns at work and maintain a good work/life balance. Blogging took the backseat as I was getting adjusted. I just wasn’t in the mood to write, until this topic came up.

Every time I’m out I just see people constantly texting. I’m willing to bet most teenagers today rarely speak to each other on the phone. I’m sure most communication is done via text. The technology we have today has definitely made that the main source of communication for most people, and honestly it is for me as well.

I text all the time, its a quick way to communicate, especially when you don’t have enough time to talk on the phone or meet in person. But recently I’ve had a couple conversations that should have happened in person, but had over text. I know that these topics should be talked about in person but it’s easier to gain the courage to just send a text, then actually ask the person to meet up to discuss the issue.

Texting gives a person a way to say something that maybe we couldn’t do in person. I’m totally guilty of this. In most situations I have no problem saying what I feel, but when it comes to relationships, its just hard to express how I feel, at least when I get mad or upset. I have no problem expressing the good stuff, but I hold back a lot when I’m upset and need to address something. I just lack the courage to say it because it could end up leading to the end of a relationship (which I think is related to this post). It’s easier for me to send a text expressing my feelings because it’s easier for me to write my feelings instead of actually saying them out loud. It’s not a trait I’m proud of and I think writing this blog post (and the tweet that called me out on this) has helped me realize that’s something I need to work on. While it hurts to get called out on it, I know the person is right and I want to work on it to become a better person.

Technology has made it easier to communicate, but is it really for the best? With work most of the communication is through email. Email allows conversations to be in writing and can back you up when necessary. But the relationships need to be made in person, or at best over the phone. But it’s just so much easier to write an email, then get up the courage to call someone you’ve never met and doesn’t know you exist.

Technology has lead to more passive aggressive behavior. You’re shielded from having to worry about that face to face confrontation, you can just send that text or email and it’s done.

When you have an important topic come up, would you pick up the phone to call or text??

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