Pyramid Sets

The past week has been great, I spent a lot of time with friends and family, ate a lot of really good food and picked up a new way to do my strength training.

Last Saturday was my monthly workout with my personal trainer. I’m now only getting one a month with my gym membership, but that’s okay with me. She challenges me and gives me new workouts to focus on for the month. She also always tells me I look skinnier. I’m pretty sure she was trying to kill me, or push me harder. We tried something new called pyramid sets. You start out at a lower weight and do 10 reps, then you up the weight do 8 reps, and then up the weight again and do 6 reps. It’s NO JOKE! We did all the same weight machines I had been doing, and added a couple more. I was super sore the next day, but that also may be because I was already sore from co-ed softball. I hadn’t played softball in 10 years. I agreed to play on my co-workers team because they were going to be short a girl. My return to the field wasn’t anything special, 1 hit, 1 rbi and no action in the field. I will say I got a good workout because my groin (do girls have a groin? it hurt in an area I would call the groin) area hurt really bad the next day, as well as my entire core.

Today (after a full week of no working out) I went back to the gym and did pyramid sets on my own. Sometimes I feel like I work out harder for my trainer because I don’t want to look wimpy (which I really am) and I don’t want to complain. Today I really pushed myself. I did more machines and went heavier on weights than I ever have. I really want to be in better shape. I can see a difference in my body but I still have a long way to go. I really want to work out more. I know this past week will not be the norm for me. It’s not very often when 80 of your friends are in town plus two aunts and an uncle. I had plans every night this past week. Sometimes you have to put working out on the back burner and just enjoy life. Same with blogging. I didn’t focus on taking pictures, I just lived in the moment and enjoyed the time I had with people.

I’m looking forward to body flow tomorrow, the new release is hard, like seriously kills my shoulders and arms, but in a good way. I’ll probably follow it up with a run, who knows.

Now I’m off to watch the Pacquiao fight and hang out with friends 🙂

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