Reunited and it hurts so good

Saturday morning I woke up fairly early (for me) and headed to the gym. I just planned on doing a strength training workout but then I realized a workout would not be possible on Sunday (more on that later), so I pushed myself to do cardio afterwards. I did the same strength training workout as last Saturday with my trainer, but upped the weights on a couple exercises and added weights to my lunges (those still suck REALLY bad). I also was able to do more squats on the bosu ball. It really is helping my balance and I’m pretty sure it gives other women in the gym a good laugh.

For the cardio part of my workout I went back to my favorite machine from college…

the arc trainer. I love to hate this thing, seriously it sucks, but it works. I decided to do 20 minutes and after about 10 minutes I was pretty confident I was going to vomit, thankfully I didn’t. I pushed through and made it through the 20 minutes. I was a hot, sweaty, red faced mess afterwards, but so glad I pushed myself to do it.

I did the extra workout on saturday because Sunday morning I had something relaxing planned, a massage at Bellagio. The spa there is AMAZING. I was fortunate enough to get an 80 min massage at a great rate due to a friends and family promotion they had going (a friend of a friend of mine works there). The facilities are huge but you don’t feel crowded. I spent a lil time in whirlpool after my massage, but saw a few too many old woman boobs and decided that it was time to head home.

I finished the day shopping for Christmas presents with my bff, Katie. I picked up this fun lil hat…

How can you not love a cupcake hat? I just had to have it since I’ve wanted to be a cupcake the last two halloweens and have been unsuccessful in finding a costume. Don’t worry I also bought some presents for my family, I know a few people that will be VERY happy 🙂

Oh and on the way home Katie may have convinced me to run the Las Vegas Rock N Roll half marathon next year. I guess that gives me a year to train, or find an excuse not to do it.

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