NYE at The Bank

New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is quite the experience. The strip is INSANE! It’s also shut down for pedestrian traffic only around 6 pm, which makes it very difficult to go to the casinos when you’re a local. I’ve never been a huge NYE person, it’s just like any other night, except the next day you write a different number at the end of the date. This year I decided to go all out, Phil got a table on the dance floor at The Bank night club at Bellagio and Bruno Mars was performing.

Going out on the strip requires a lot of preparation for a girl. Spray tans, dress buying, mani/pedis are just the beginning. Luckily I already had an appointment to get my hair done (Thanks Lauren!) and I added a make up appointment. I’m so not talented in either of those areas. I never wear make up and when I do it’s mascara, eye liner and lip gloss, so obv I needed help. I left the salon feeling like a different person (and kind of like a Victoria’s Secret model).

Seriously a different person

After the salon I quickly packed up my stuff for the evening. Katie and Phil had a room at the Bellagio so we were able to pre-game and get ready while there. Katie did her own hair and make up (which she did so well!) so I hung out in the bath tub and enjoyed a cocktail watching her get ready.

I wish I could do my hair like this EVERY day

Finally it was time to get all dressed up and pretty. I waited until a couple days before NYE to get my dress. Thankfully I had the guidance and help from two of my lovely co-workers, Megan and Ana, they helped me find the perfect dress from Arden B.

So this is kind of dark, but the dress has sequins and mesh cutouts.

And then I decided to put shoes on…

Those are so not easy to walk in (but I made it through the night without taking them off)

A little pre-club dance party caught on camera

My BFF is so pretty! We both sparkled all night 🙂

Part of the group before heading downstairs to The Bank

Me and Katie before Bruno Mars came out at midnight. Thanks for the photo Spy on Vegas 🙂

We had an amazing table right on the dance floor within a couple feet of Bruno Mars. I claimed my spot as close as I could about 30 minutes before he came out. Then The Bank decided to let annoying girls down in the area and I had to elbow a few of them out of my way.  This is how close I was to Bruno…

I could have touched him! But I controlled myself and didn’t.

His performance was AWESOME! Most concerts at clubs are just a song or two and not very good. He had a 9 piece band, they played for 45 minutes and did a bunch of covers. His voice was great and his energy was fun. About half way through I was over fighting drunk girls and I went back to our table to stand on a ledge so I had a great view above the crowd.

I had a really fun NYE. I’m not sure if I would battle the strip again, it’s definitely crazy, but I had to do it at least once.

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