It’s the little things

The past few days the little things have really pushed me though.

The little things like receiving a card in the mail from my favorite high school teacher. This teacher probably had the biggest impact on my life and career. Her love passion for hotels is really what inspired me and helped me find my love for them. She is the teacher who believed in me and pushed me to be my best. I sent her a graduation announcement in August to the school address, but since she retired, she only received it recently. She wrote me back and is actually going to be in Vegas in March. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and catching her up on what I’m doing.

The little things like being able to give my dad a pep talk and advice as he is interviewing for jobs. He’s always been there for me and it’s a great feeling to be able to do that for him. His pep talks have helped me before almost every important event in my life. I respect his advice (even if I don’t always agree with it) and knowing that he respects mine is something that makes me so very happy.

The little things like receiving a free necklace in the mail from The Limted because I spend too much money there. Nothing like being rewarded with a couple $15 reward certificates and a free necklace all on the same day! Seriously The Limited I love your clothes.

The little things like thinking I may never get off my couch to do the workout I need to do and finally finding the motivation to do the leg workout I had put off til 9 pm. And afterwards I felt amazing.

The little things like my new dentist calling me at 9 pm to check on me after I spent 3.5 hours at his office. So of course the procedures weren’t fun, but he made me feel comfortable and like he genuinely cared. The check in was a nice touch and definitely surprised me.

The little things really do add up to bigger things.

What little things have made you smile this week?


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