Things I’ve Learned

I’ve been running for over 5 months and over time I’ve learned a few things…

  • Find clothes that work for you. I’ve tried different types of shorts, pants, leggings, capris and certain things just don’t work for my body type. Being comfortable is number 1! Find what works for you and go for it.
  • Have a plan. If you’re just starting out find a plan to help you build up your running stamina. I started with couch to 5k and once that ended, Tina gave me a running plan incorporated in my running plan. I would have been so lost without it
  • Get fitted for proper running shoes. This really really really helped me! I used to have issues with shin splints, but since I was fitted for proper running shoes I haven’t had ANY! Miracle I tell you!
  • Drink water and more water and more water and more water and more water, just when you think you’ve drank enough drink more water. And then when you’re going to the bathroom every hour, still drink more water. Now I’m still lazy so walking to the water cooler is a big hinderance for my water intake. To overcome that problem I have a 32 oz camelback water bottle that really helps with that. I only have two go twice a day, which really helps keep me hydrated.
  • Find the proper fuel for you. Before I run I usually have half a luna bar and water. If I’m going to run later I’ll have more food, but I have to let that digest so I don’t cramp up when I run. Post fueling is also important. I’m like super super prone to migraines (it’s bad like really bad and it sucks) so it took me a while to find the best ways to rehydrate so I don’t have a migraine after every run. I’ve finally found it (and it changes the more I run). I drink lots of coconut water and so far it’s been working wonders for me.
  • You’re going to have bad runs and feel like garbage. It happens and you just have to realize it and move on to the next day. Sometimes you have a bad running week and then the next week you just kill it!
  • HAVE FUN! If you don’t enjoy running then don’t do it. Find the cardio or workouts that you enjoy doing. I hated running for such a long time and now I’m hooked on it. I know I have to give my body rest days but on those days I have the itch to run or do a weights workout, I have to tell myself I need to let my body rest.

I’m definitely not a running expert, but I’m at least a runner now. Maybe one day I’ll be some crazy marathon runner who is super fast, but right now I’m happy in my beginner state, just working on getting faster and doing the best I can.

If you run, what have you learned from running? What tips do you have for a newbie runner like me?


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned

    • Getting the courage to start is the hardest part. I hated running until 5 months ago. I never would have thought 6 months ago I would love it this much and be getting up before work to run. I’m so glad this post inspired you to start. Try couch to 5k and see how you feel. I started it 3 times before I stuck with it for good and now I can run over 4 miles without walking.

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