Things I learned moving across the country

I’ve been in Atlanta just over two weeks now. I’m finally beginning to get things sorted out. I’m really enjoying my job so far and everyone I work with has been welcoming and friendly.

I’m sure I’ll eventually tell you more about my life in Atlanta, but for now you’ll just have to deal with the things I learned in the 2.5 weeks I had to move myself and my stuff across the country. 

Things I learned:

  • Pods are really EFFING expensive! Seriously they wanted $3,800 and my furniture cost maybe half of that.
  • Uhauls are not nearly as expensive as pods but when you start calculating gas prices you realize, holy shit I’m going to be mad broke.
  • Your co-worker that has a template for everything will have the best ideas to save money and move across the country. He will also make an excel spreadsheet that shows you how much money you will save if you sell all your furniture and ship the stuff that won’t fit in your car.
  • That same co-worker will also remind you of two other previous co-workers who just moved and may be in the need for furniture.
  • It is so much easier to sell your stuff quickly to your friends than to put in on craigslist.
  • You have to learn to let go of stuff. I didn’t want to leave stuff behind, I wanted it all to fit in my car or in the boxes being shipped. I finally just had to kick myself and say stop being an idiot and give it away.
  • It’s amazing how much stuff one person can have in a 850 sq ft apartment. 
  • Giving away a full car load of stuff to goodwill felt GREAT! So did giving all my office furniture away to some random guy in my apartment complex. It was going to the dumpster and instead of me having to help my dad carry it there, that guy carried and got it for free.
  • Shipping via greyhound bus may be the BEST thing EVER! I shipped 550 lbs of suitcases and rubbermaid containers for under $450. I dropped it off on Sunday and it made it to Atlanta by Wednesday. They delivered it to my door (cost me an extra $50 totally worth it!) the next morning. I highly HIGHLY recommend this to anyone moving across the country.
  • I truly have an amazing dad. I already knew this but it needs to be mentioned. My dad took a week of his retired time to fly across the country and help me move. He had no idea what he was getting himself into and I could not have done it without him! 
  • When your dad asks for a scrub brush and you tell him yes I have a magic eraser, he will think you’re being a smart ass and will proceed to make you cry by telling you off. Later he will find the magic eraser and say wtf you have a scrub brush to which you respond yes I told you that, it’s called a magic eraser on the box. Your dad will realize that you were in fact not being a smart ass and it becomes a funny joke you tell.
  • Making a lot of noise while packing up to annoy your obnoxious downstairs neighbor is so fun. And nothing is more satisfying then when the biatch comes upstairs to tell you off and you just look at her and say I’m moving out in an hour, would you like some free paper towels. To which she tells you how blessed she is because she really needed those paper towels. 
  • Giving the little boy dumpster diving in my complex for all the stuff I threw away a brand new calculator and school supplies and seeing the grateful smile and hearing a very sincere thank you very much will melt your heart.
  • You will be thankful you’re moving out of your all the sudden not so nice complex after seeing a meth head dumpster diving as well.
  • Pick a book on tape for your 3 day drive across the country with your dad that does not have a sex scene. Who would have thought a mystery novel would start with a sex scene?? Seriously I was mortified and my dad just thought it was funny.
  • Having a cousin who lets you crash in their extra bedroom for the first month you’re in town while you look for your own place is AWESOME and said cousin is AWESOME! It’s even better when your cousin’s husband likes to cook and makes you delicious meals.
  • Saying good bye to friends is the hardest part of moving. I really suck at good byes and honestly just try to avoid it so I don’t have to deal with the emotions. 
  • You will start crying at random times, like when you’re saying good bye and thanking your mechanic of 3 years. Seriously I got teary eyed at the mechanic’s but not when saying good bye to friends. I was quite the emotional roller coaster.

I honestly had a pretty smooth moving process for having no time to prepare. I also spent as much time as I could with friends before I left which led to a lot of last minute packing and cleaning. I wish I had more time to say good bye in Vegas, but I’ll be back in December for my first half marathon!


One thought on “Things I learned moving across the country

  1. YAY! you made it! I had no idea you could ship on a greyhound… Interesting! I think I’d be nervous my stuff would be stolen. Would you be willing to send your coworkers excel stuff my way, please? 🙂

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