I Live Here?

Before I really get into the point of this post, what do you think of my new blog look? Thanks so much to Jenny for being awesome and creating a header that was exactly what I wanted with very little direction!

You would think after 6 weeks in Atlanta it would start to sink in that I live here. Two weeks ago I went to the airport 4 times, to pick up and drop off one of my closest friends (who is moving here soon!!) and to pick up and drop off my parents. As I drive through downtown Atlanta I always kind of pinch myself and think is this real, I live here?

I’m slowly starting to feel settled in. I’m still figuring things out in my job but I really like the people I work with and the company is awesome. They really believe in work/life balance and they’re always doing something for employees. I’m pretty stoked for the travel opportunities with this job as well. The one downfall of my last job is we didn’t get to go to conferences, except for one small conference in Vegas. My new job is sending me to Santa Barbara in September (and I’m staying the weekend, who wants to come hang out with me??) and to Austin in October for a day long conference that includes a 3 day pass to Austin City Limits ( I get to see Florence + the Machine!!!). Plus by mid september I’ll have vacation time!

Since work is settling down, it’s about time I got the rest of my life in order. It’s been go go go around here, with traveling and trying to figure out where I want to live. I was fortunate to have a free place to live for my first month in Atlanta (Thanks Emily and Dan!) but after a month I was ready to have my own place again. After living alone for over a year and a half it was an adjustment to live with people again.

The apartment search was an interesting process. The main thing for me was what part of town did I want to live in. My office is in the suburbs kind of so I wanted to be near that but still feel like I lived in the city. I also wanted to be near a park so I would have easy access to run whenever. After I figured out the general area I wanted to be in I started narrowing the search. I started to pay attention to closet size (seriously one of my biggest concerns), safety and amenities at the complex. The complex has to have a gym and a pool plus have a gate. Fortunately I found a place that is only 10 minutes from work on a back road with a nice park directly across the street. I love having space so it’s a 2 bedroom/1 bath over 1000 sq ft. The living space is a good size and the kitchen is upgraded with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. I’m using the 2nd bed room as a workout/dressing room. It actually has all the closet space (3 of them!) so of course all my clothes are in there.

I’ve been in my apartment for two weeks now. The first week the only furniture I had was bedroom stuff. If I wasn’t laying in bed then I was sitting on the floor. My dining room table was a suitcase. My parents came into town after I had been in the apartment almost a week. My la-z-boy recliner (seriously the best purchase I made besides my memory foam mattress) arrived then too. My parents helped me purchase and put together my tv stand, two bookcases and a dining room table (all from ikea, which is the most amazing and overwhelming place EVER). Plus my mom unpacked most of my clothes. She’s a saint! I think it would have taken me months to unpack if it wasn’t for her.

Check out my new dining room table and chairs (chairs I put together myself!):


And these cute accent tables from Home Goods that were such a good deal:

I’m thinking about spray painting the accent tables a fun color like teal or bright purple, but we’ll see how long that takes me to do.

I should be getting the couch and chair + ottoman from my aunt and uncle in the next couple weeks hopefully. Eventually I’ll have to hang up all the stuff on the walls, but my place is definitely starting to feel like home. ¬†When it’s all set up I may even do a vlog tour through it.

If my laziness doesn’t totally take over I may even write another post this week about all the fun running stuff I have going on.


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