During the moving process, running and working out really took a back seat. My first couple weeks in Atlanta I ran maybe once a week, if that, I did make them long runs (my definition of a long run), but I was definitely focused on other things. While I wasn’t doing much running, I did do a little shopping, which in my opinion is also a workout (those bags are heavy).

I wanted to find a local running store and try to find running groups for when I really kicked up the half marathon training. I found a running store that is local and 5 different stores around Atlanta and the suburbs (Big Peach Running Co.). They have the cool gait analysis technology and video you running on a treadmill to help pick the right shoes for you. Since it was free I decided to check it out to make sure I was really in the right shoes. Turns out I was in the wrong shoes. I was originally fitted at store where the guy just watched me walk and jog and looked at my arch. Since I have a high arch that guy assumed I would need a stability shoe and that I over-pronated. Apparently I run just fine and don’t need a stability shoe, so I’m now wearing Mizuno Wave Rider 15s and have been pretty happy with them.

My cousin in law (aka as my cousin’s husband aka Dan) is a commercial photographer and wanted to test out a new photography tool on my shoes. He took all the pics below of my beautiful Mizuno shoes! Check out his tumblr to see more of his awesome photos.

How awesome are those?? Seriously Mizuno needs to hire him to do their photography. Dan Schultz Photography if you’re in the southeast and need commercial stuff done.

Now that I have these awesome shoes, I had to start getting back into the swing of running. I paused my plan with Tina for 4 weeks while moving, thank goodness she’s so flexible and understanding! I started back into slowly and now I’m up to running over 13 miles a week, with my longest run at 6 miles. My biggest struggle in Atlanta has been the heat and hills, but I finally found a flat trail. I’m back up to three runs a week and I’ve had to get over my fear of the treadmill to get runs in with the ridiculous humidity here. I’m finally feeling strong again and I love how my body is changing from running! In the past 11 months I’ve lost over 10% body fat. I never shared the numbers when I started working out seriously almost a year ago, but I was on the edge of the overweight category. I was skinny fat (well I wasn’t really that skinny, but I don’t think anyone realized how bad it was) and didn’t realize how unhealthy I had become. I finally had access to a machine to check my body fat a couple weeks ago and now I’m in the middle end of the healthy range! I couldn’t have done it without the help of Tina and I’m so happy to be in such a healthier place in life. Now if I could just start eating healthier then who knows how strong and toned I could get!

I’m also pretty much settled into my apartment. There’s still some work to be done in my second bedroom but otherwise I’ve got everything set up. Hopefully I’ll take some good photos and show you my place soon.

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