Team Challenge Week 2

Well I kind of survived another week of Team Challenge training. I started getting a sore throat Thursday that kept getting progressively worse as the days went by. On Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty bad and I had to force myself out of bed to make it to training. I also had to run around packing stuff for my trip to Chattanooga since I was picking up my grandmother from the airport immediately after my run and heading straight to Chattanooga.

I was about 15 minutes late to training so I missed part of the form clinic, but I made it before everyone left for the run. I planned on just doing the 3 mile run with the group, then dashing across the street to change clothes and grab breakfast to go. The 3 miles were pretty awful, I just felt like crap and my legs were like lead. I ended up walking a little bit, but I also chatted up a couple other team members and my mentor, Deb, along the way. I’m working on my small talk skills, as my friend Katie said to me last night over our after dinner treat of dove chocolates, small talk leads to the deeper conversations. Without those you can’t get to that level. As simple as that sounds it really clicked with me and I can’t expect to just instantly click with these people, I have to work on the surface level to dig deeper.

After that awful 3 mile run, I stuck around for a few minutes to get to know a couple of the team members better. Then I realized I had to get moving so I could change and pick up my grandmother on time. I’m sorry to anyone that was in Chick Fil A in Decatur on Saturday morning.  I totally took over the bath room to change out of my gross running clothes, wipe down with baby wipes and put on fresh clothes. It totally worked out and I grabbed a chicken biscuit for the road. I was also very appreciative of the guy working at Chick Fil A who dealt with my picky self wanting a specific amount of water for my protein shake that I brought with me. A girls gotta do what she can to keep the migraines away!

I’ve made it to 10% of my fundraising goal! I’m up to $275, thanks to all those that donated this past week!! Here’s the link for those of you that would like to donate

I’m still sick, but it’s officially the first week of my half marathon plan with Tina! I’ m hoping to kick this cold so I don’t have to miss any runs this week, last week I missed my long run.

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