Trouble Tempo

Right now I’m currently on my first business trip, where I get to use my corporate credit card and everything, heading to California. Packing for a business trip was not what I would like to call fun and I think I’ll probably right another post on the flight home about traveling and half marathon training. And before we get into all that running talk I just had to share the below animated gif that my co-worker sent me after I admitted to watching this as my guilty pleasure:



Well my first official week of half marathon training finished (my third week of Team Challenge) and it was definitely not my strongest week.  I was still battling a cold and was even told to go work from home on Tuesday (best thing someone ever told me at work, I put on my sweats and worked from my kitchen table and la z boy recliner). I didn’t get to run until Thursday night and I took it easy with a 3 mile run in my neighborhood. I just really had the urge to outside so I went for it. It was definitely a struggle with the hills but I made it.

Saturday morning I met up with the Team Challenge group in the Virginia Highlands area. I’d never been in that part of Atlanta before, it was fun to see all the cute shops, restaurants and bars. I definitely need to hit up that area soon (yes KS I expect you and Mariano to explore with me).  So back to the whole running thing, we had our nutrition clinic first, which was quick and to the point, I actually was only 5 minutes late this time (it’s really hard to be somewhere at 8 am on Saturday). As we were breaking up into running groups, I partnered up with two people planning to do 6 miles at around my pace (thank goodness!). I was running with one of the mentors of the group and got to know him a little better. Then the other person in our group dropped back and I kind of was on my own for a little while, then another mentor joined me, but only agreed to 5 miles, since I was still sick I was okay with that. I chatted with this mentor most of the run, she has a couple of daughters around my age and she can relate to being faster than them (like how my mom runs faster than me). She also has a home in an area of Florida that I’ve been to a lot as a kid. I felt pretty good with this run and probably could have done the 6 but it worked out okay. After the run I hung around and talked with people in the group, it was nice to get know some of them better!

On Sunday it was time to suck it up and do the 5 mile tempo run on my plan. This run was not fun at all! I usually love tempo runs and how I push myself to run faster for whatever amount of time Tina has planned for me. This time the weather in Atlanta was just beautiful and I couldn’t pass up the chance to run outside. I had been doing my tempo runs on the treadmill for over a month, so bringing that outside after already running 5 miles the day before probably wasn’t my best idea. I went to my favorite flat trail and just tried to do my best. In hindsight I went out a little too fast for my warm up, but that part of the trail is busier which always makes me run faster. The tempo part started out great, but by around mile 3 my body just was over it. I tried running in compression socks, but it seems like compression socks/sleeves work best for me pre and post run, instead of during. I had to walk a couple times but tried to only let it happen for short periods of time to catch my breath and then go again.  I made it the 5 miles somehow and was very happy to get to my car to head home to stretch.

This week will definitely be interesting for me as I’m gone for 6 days, but I have my plan to follow and I WILL get my runs in (the caps on will mean it definitely had to happen).

Bye from 30,000 feet somewhere over middle America.

One thought on “Trouble Tempo

  1. Have fun on your business trip! I love traveling for business, I’ve gotten to travel all across the country and see so many awesome places for work. Have fun! 🙂

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