Training and Traveling

I first got the idea for this post on my flight out to California. I was going to write about how I kicked my training schedules’ butt while on a business trip. Well let’s just throw that thought out the window because I did not even come close to getting in all my workouts. Luckily life is all about doing what you can and learning from your experiences to do better the next time. Yes I did just get all philosophical (and used spell check to spell it).

I really had every intention of getting all my runs in, I even brought all my running stuff with me. Including my protein powder, sparkly head bands and water bottle that attaches to my hand so I don’t have to hold it. I did everything I could to set myself up for success, but work happened.

My business trip was to a conference in Santa Barbara. The resort we stayed at was beautiful! Right on the beach in just an amazing setting. My room was huge, I think I could have stayed there for weeks, or years even. My schedule was jam packed the entire time, I thought I might sneak a run in after we got to the hotel before the evening festivities began, but there wasn’t enough time for that. I also managed to hurt my foot somehow. I don’t know if it was the flip flops I was wearing all day or what but the arch of my foot was in so much pain and I was basically limping for the next 3 days. Tuesday we were out late and Wednesday was an early start day so I knew running was not going to happen. Not to mention the 3 hour time change totally messing with my body.

I set my alarm to get up early on Thursday to run. I even talked to the concierge about a running trail nearby. So as I’m getting up to run I get a text changing the time we’re meeting to an hour earlier. And with that text there went my time to run. Thursday was packed with events from 9 am to midnight. I even got my hair did and put on a cute dress…

So after the party with the cute dress, where I refrained from drinking to run the next morning, I set my alarm to get up early and run. And of course as soon as my alarm goes off and I’m getting out of bed I get a text saying we’re meeting an hour early. And there went my running time again. I thought about running in the afternoon but as soon as I got to my next hotel for my solo weekend in Cali I had a migraine and ended up in bed from 4 pm to 8 am and couldn’t even dinner I was so sick.

I got up on Saturday morning determined to run 7 miles even though I didn’t even have dinner the night before. I felt okay so I went for a nice run along this beautiful beach trail. I mean check out this view…

It was amazing! I saw seals and bunnies and ran all over Carpinteria, CA. I even found the cute downtown area and scoped out my lunch spot (that was actually called The Spot). The run itself was not so amazing. There were a lot of walking breaks but I made it 7 miles. I went back on Sunday for 4 miles, also sucked but I needed to get a run in before driving back to LA and heading back to Atlanta.

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