So the last couple weeks were pretty bad workout wise. I really just had bad runs the entire time. It was killing my confidence. Since I joined Team Challenge I really haven’t been as concerned with the running. I know I’ll be able to do it and instead my stress/anxiety was focused on raising money. This mental lapse totally effected my training. I wasn’t concerned with fueling my body properly, I just ate whatever and didn’t think about how it would effect my runs the next day.

After my business trip last week I really needed to get back into my routine, but it wasn’t that simple I had shifted my weekly chiropractor appt to Monday night and had a massage scheduled for Tuesday night. This definitely threw off my ideal running schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with cross training strength workouts on Wednesday and Sunday. Not to mention my BFF, Katie was coming into town on Wednesday evening with her husband, Phil (also my good friend from college) and I planned to spend all day Thursday with them.

Since I knew my routine wasn’t going to happen I made a plan of attack. I had a personal training session on Wednesday, then planned on running Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I wanted to get my 5 mile run in on Thursday, but I kind of overslept, so I just did my 4 mile run. I had a great day with Katie and Phil so my semi decent run didn’t bother me too much.

Saturday was long run day, I had 8 miles on the plan. Since last week didn’t go so well, Tina suggested I only do 7, but I’m trying really hard to get all the long runs in no matter how difficult they are. On Friday I ate well all day and made sure to have a good dinner of shrimp and pasta. I woke up on Saturday morning a little late and wasn’t able to get ready in time to join my running group. I needed this run to go well and I was determined for it to go well. I went to my favorite flat running trail. The weather was beautiful and I beat the crowd and didn’t have to wait for a parking spot. I knew the 8 miles was going to be tough and I brought a GU to try for the first time. I started out slow, which is hard for me, I usually just take off and go fast (for me). My legs felt good and I just had a great run. I took the GU at mile 4, which tasted absolutely DISGUSTING (no more lemon lime flavor for me), but I definitely felt a boost from it. I decided to pick up the pace for the last few miles and negative split the rest of the miles, with the last mile being my fastest. I couldn’t have asked for a better confidence booster. This run came when I needed it the most and I was so proud of myself when I finished. I really wanted to high 5 someone at the end of my run but since I was solo I decided not scare the other people on the running trail with random high 5s. Luckily when I went to Katie’s house later to watch football and just hang out with her and her family, she gave me a high 5.

I wore my compression sleeves under my jeans to katie’s house to get my legs recovered for my Sunday 5 miler. The 5 miler was supposed to be a pace run, with 1 mile warm up and cool down and 3 miles at race pace. I went into thinking it would be whatever my legs decided it was going to be the day after a 8 miler. Well my legs were feeling good Sunday too and I actually went faster than race pace on all 5 miles. I don’t know what happened this weekend but I hope it happens on race day! I ran 13 miles this weekend and I feel great. I’m just proud of myself for rebounding from my rough travel week and bad runs.

I also have some great great GREAT fundraising news! I’m up to $1130 and 42% of my goal. I still have a long way to go so if you would like to donate go HERE!

Man I love Honey Boo Boo animated gifs!

One thought on “Rebounding

  1. I’m so glad you had a good comeback. Hopefully this week was a continuation. Also, I hate GU. It’s totally gross. I prefer using Clif Shot Bloks for fueling during runs (I like the strawberry flavor). They don’t go down as quickly, but they also don’t make me want to puke. 🙂 Jelly Belly Sport Beans also aren’t bad, but they’re too sweet for me. Anyway, keep it up! I start training with a new group on Tuesday morning.

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