Running and Learning

The past two weeks I’ve had 6 good runs. I’ve pushed myself and been loving every minute of it. I didn’t hit my mileage for my long run this week but I added miles to my 3rd run to get my mileage for the week done. I’ve been really busy with work but I’ve really made working out a priority. My social life may suffer a little bit because of that, but I feel like I’ve still been able to hang out with friends.

Tina and I were exchanging emails the other day about my schedule and fitting in workouts. She noticed how I really put in the effort to fit in my workouts now, when I didn’t do that in the past. A couple months ago if I missed a workout I didn’t really care that much. It wasn’t so important to me. In the last month or two I’ve really put a lot of focus on fitting in my workouts. I’ve really enjoyed pushing myself to be better with running. I want to finish this half marathon strong and I want to get faster. I just love love love the challenge running gives me. It’s not about anyone but myself and no one but ME can decide whether I succeed. While I’ve always been a loner, I love my alone time and really need it to be in a good place (ask my former roommates how true this is), I’ve also always played team sports up until I started running. I loved being a part of a team and even if I wasn’t a star player I loved the role I played. Most of the people I still talk to from high school are my former teammates. But I really didn’t have an effect on my teams, but with running I am the star, it’s about me and what I can do!

Now don’t get it twisted here, I’m not a star runner, I’m far from fast, but I am what I put into it. You better believe I’m putting everything into running. I’ve set goals and I’m doing everything I can to succeed. I really am so proud of the lifestyle change I’ve made in my life. Fitness and my health are a priority. And over time my running will continue to get better and I’ll be faster than I every thought I could be. That’s probably years away but every run puts me closer to that point.

This week should be interesting for me as I’m traveling for business Thursday-Sunday. I’m actually really excited to head to Austin, TX! I’ve never been and I’ve heard great things about the city. Let’s just hope the weather cools down a little bit for my 10 mile run on Sunday.

I’m also signing up for my first 10k soon, which would be in 2.5 weeks. It’s a hilly course so I’m not expecting a crazy amazing time but I’m shooting for an 11 min mile pace (which is pretty good for me at that distance). I just want to see how I do and be in a race setting. It’s been since May and I want to feel that rush of adrenaline one more time before the race in December.

This week has also been an eye opener for my experience with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. While I knew many people suffered from the diseases, it wasn’t one that hit close to home until after I signed up for Team Challenge. I’ve mentioned that my aunt has crohn’s and even had part of her colon removed. This week I learned that a co-worker (and friend)’s wife has colitis and is currently in the hospital with a flare up. This pushes me to work harder in my fundraising to help raise awareness and some day find a cure to these diseases that are so debilitating that you end up in the hospital undergoing tests and different drug treatments to figure out what will make you feel better for a short amount of time. If you would like to help me make a difference please donate HERE.

Man I love honey boo boo!

2 thoughts on “Running and Learning

  1. Reading about how you’ve made a lifestyle change by putting your health and fitness first has really inspired me. It’s an extra kick in my pants to make me work on making that same lifestyle change! Thanks for sharing through your blog 🙂

  2. “It’s not about anyone but myself and no one but ME can decide whether I succeed.”

    I really like this line – it struck a chord with me. It is true about a lot of things in life, too. I am so proud of you! You have made such improvements in the past few months. It has been fun to see you go from hating and struggling to run – to loving it and basically having a blog about running! You go, girl!

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