I forgot how it felt

I’ve been having trouble sleeping, I’m not sure if it’s just that I can’t shut my mind off or I’ve been running too much at night. Monday night/Tuesday morning I woke up at 4 am. I tried to fall back asleep but by 6 am I just knew it wasn’t happening. Since I had a run planned for that night, I decided to get it done in the morning. I seriously haven’t been able to do that since I moved to Atlanta four months ago (seriously it’s been four months alreasy!). I’m so not a morning person, but getting the runs done before work are so worth it. I’m trying to make myself become a morning person again and to get all my runs done in the morning now. It just frees up more time to sit on my couch and watch tv in the evenings now 🙂

That early morning run went well and helped me stay awake at work after getting five hours of sleep. I wish it helped me sleep better and maybe it did a little bit but not much. I decided my Thursday run was also going to be a morning run. I got up and got it done. It felt so good to be free that night and not have anything to do after work but sit in my la z boy recliner and watch TV. I know you were all starting to worry about my lazy girl status with all this running, but don’t you worry, I’m still sitting on my butt when I’m not running or lifting weights.

My long run this week was 11 miles. My running group was doing 9 miles at my favorite trail. They meet on the other side of the trail that is 1.5 miles away, so I parked on the side I normally parked on and ran to the other side. I met up with them and did another 9.5 miles. It was FREEZING (okay in the high 40s) at the start of the run. When I met up with them I was literally steaming, like had a circle of steam surrounding me. I really didn’t plan out my outfit for the weather. I wore shorts, knee high compression socks, a t shirt and arm warmers. I really needed gloves for the first couple miles, I legit was shaking my hands and rubbing them together because they were going numb. But after the first few miles I was good to go and had just the right amount of clothing on.

Those 11 miles were tough. I started having some aches, cramps and pains, but I just pushed through them to finish it. I knew my legs weren’t going to quit, it’s just keeping my head in the game. Afterwards I looked really cute…

Yep I’m hot, just admit it

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