My Fav Running Gear: Shoes

I’ve been saying for a while that I was going to tell you about my favorite gear. Finally my ADD has allowed that to happen. I am a COMPLETE gear junkie and a total sucker. If you try to sell me something in a store, it’s very likely I’ll buy it, especially if I’m in the market for something similar or just need some retail therapy (which is all the time). A big motivator for running and working out for me is new gear. Yes I like to have nice clothes, shoes and running accessories. I can’t help it, but running is my hobby and I’m going to spend money on it, so deal with it. At least my hobby isn’t sitting on my butt watching terrible reality tv and eating cupcakes (oh wait that’s my 2nd favorite hobby behind working out). After starting this post I realized I loved my shoes too much so you’re just getting to hear about my newest show love. Other gear posts to follow, hopefully.

When I first started running I was not particular about things. I was running in my mom’s old running shoes and wearing stuff I normally worked out in. Thankfully the weather in Vegas was still warm at that time. Once I got part way through couch to 5k I decided that I was going to keep up running and I should invest in proper running shoes. I went to a local shoe store in Vegas and got fitted (not the real way with gait analysis and running on a treadmill) for shoes. This guy put me in a stability shoe, probably because I have high arches, without seeing me do any real running. He was very nice and all but he put me in a shoe that was so not right for me. I didn’t have any problems since I was running short distances but when I moved to Atlanta in June, I decided to get fitted at the local Atlanta running store, Big Peach Running Co. since they have this whole fit process. I knew I would be upping my mileage when half marathon training started and I wanted to make sure I was in the proper shoe. Of course I wasn’t and I made the switch then to the Wave Rider 15s, which I absolutely LOVED. You may remember how pretty they are from this awesome post.

After running in the Wave Rider 15s for 4 months or so Mizuno came out with the Wave Rider 16s. Big Peach had a preview where the Mizuno rep came out to the store and you could test out the shoe. I didn’t have anyone to go with me to this awesome event, so I went solo (something I never would have done before I moved to Atlanta). I met with Jay and Ali from Mizuno, tried on a pair of shoes (wanted to run away with them, but I’m sure they would have caught my slow self), and fell in love with this update of the Wave Rider. The only change was to the upper part of the shoe, they changed the mesh which made them lighter. The cushioning and lower part of the shoe remained the same so I didn’t have to worry about it not being the same as the 15s. I tried to buy a pair that night but couldn’t, but Mizuno was kind enough to send me a pair of shoes since I was so in love with the brand and a big fan. I honestly didn’t expect that AT ALL. I really just went to show some brand love, see the new shoe and try to buy a pair before they came out. I actually received my new pair of Wave Rider 16s two days after the preview and I had them a week before they came out. I almost didn’t want to wear them because they were so pretty and I’ve never been cool enough to get a product before it hits the market (especially in running, don’t they know I’m slow). I love the 16s even more than the 15s! The colors are great, the fit is perfect and I can definitely tell a difference in weight. I mixed in the 16s with the 15s until I knew my feet were fine and even did my super quick 12 miler in them during my Vegas training. I wore them for the Vegas race and have been wearing them ever since. Aren’t they pretty…

photo (3)

photo (2)

iPhone photos are their finest

I loved them so much I decided to by a 2nd pair in another color. You may remember the awesome pictures of my wave rider 15s by my cousin in law, Dan Schultz. He got a hold of my new 16s and sent me this amazing picture…


Of course his picture is unreal and makes my iPhone photo look sad. Who else is with me that Mizuno needs to hire Dan for their photography? He’s even Atlanta based!

I’ve also convinced him to take some action shots of me running so as soon as its warm enough and he’s not busy working, I should hopefully get some good shots. Check out more of his work here.

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