Half #5 for KT

Today I’ll run my 5th half marathon. I can’t believe that less than two years ago I started running and in the last 11 months I’ve run 5 half marathons.

Today is also my best friend’s 29th birthday. You’ve heard a lot about my BFF, Katie. She’s been there for me through ups and downs and is truly like a sister to me. A couple months ago after noticing something weird on her chest she went to the doctor. Flash forward a week or two (plus a couple doctors and insurance hoops) and Katie was diagnosed with Paget’s disease. It’s a rare disease that causes breast cancer. And before the age of 29 my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can’t even imagine the emotions she was really going through because she stayed extremely calm and collected. And I know in that situation I would have been a total wreck ( I pretty much was a total wreck but never showed that to Katie).

Luckily Katie caught the cancer in the very early stages but the course of treatment was still shocking, a double mastectomy. She is now a couple weeks out of surgery and doing well, she’s even gone for a run! She’s supposed to run the same race we both ran last year, rock n roll Las Vegas, next weekend. Katie was training her ass off for that race and will hopefully still be able to run the race, just not the PR she was shooting for (KT I know that you’ll get under 2 hours soon!).

Katie was a large part of why I started running, after watching her run her full marathon I knew I was going to run a half the next year. So today I’m running in honor of my best friend, a survivor and fighter. I’ll be in as much pink as I can stomach and thinking of how she fought breast cancer and using that to power my every step. She truly inspires me all the time and I’m so thankful to have her in my life.

Love you KT! These 13.1 miles are for you!

And my PSA: please please please check yourself regularly! If Katie hadn’t noticed so quickly the results might be much different!


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