Building it back up

2014 started off slowly and now I’m finally getting back to a good running place. I start marathon training soon (probably within a week or two) and I needed to get my mileage up and get used to running consistently again. It’s definitely not been easy for me but the last two weeks are making me feel a little bit better about what is going to be coming my way soon.

Let’s back up a little bit (I consider my running weeks Monday to Sunday) to MLK day. I was in Florida for the long weekend celebrating my Nana’s 85 birthday. I had already done a beach run with my mom on Sunday and decided to run on my own on Monday by the beach. I waited too long and it was so hot and humid on this run, totally my fault. But I managed to struggle through 3 painful miles.


I ran a 5k on Saturday (the 27th) and it was not pretty. It was hilly (finished with 1/2 mile of uphill) and I’ve just lost so much speed it makes me sad. I was pretty disappointed with my time but I have to start somewhere. This race left me pretty sore, but I needed to get in a few more miles for the week. I had brunch plans and I haven’t been sleeping well, so I fit in 2.3 miles before having to go get ready. I finished the week with 8.4 miles, not a lot but at least I ran 3 times.

This past week went fairly well. Overall I’ve been sore and have some tight muscles, but I expect that as I get back to running more. My first run of the week was on Tuesday morning before the snow started (don’t get me going on this topic, I’m really upset with everyone making fun of Atlanta. You have no idea how serious the situation was for a lot of people) on the riverside trail near my place. I did 3 miles and this run felt pretty good. Little did I know what was coming for me. I spent the next 48 hours trapped in my place. I did get out for things like this…


On Thursday the roads were mostly clear so I ventured to the river and ran 3 miles. There was a little of this…


And I survived running through it in a couple spots. It was actually another really nice run. My speed wasn’t great but my legs felt fairly good. I also felt like a badass running when there was ice and snow (I’m really not a badass but it’s fun to pretend).

Saturday brought a little bit of a longer run, I did 6 slow miles. There was still ice on the side of the paths but otherwise it was a perfect day to run. My legs loosened up about a mile in and I got into a groove. After the six miles I felt like I could have done a couple more, which is a good sign for what’s to come, since you know I’m trying to run 26.2 miles on June 1st.

Post-run recovery smoothie

Sunday I wanted to get in 3 more miles. Again my legs were a little tight but I felt good and ran this a little faster than I had earlier in the week. It was super foggy and humid and 50 degrees felt like 80 after all the cold weather the past week.

I finished the week with 15 miles and I’m really happy with what I’ve done. I’m hoping to do around 17 this week and continue running 4 days a week. I also want to get in some cross training and strength work.


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