My Version of a Vegas Vacation

Since I can’t seem to finish a draft on my marathon training (😴😴😴) might as well share my Vegas vacation fun. The struggle to write about running has been real for me the past couple months. And I started this post a month ago and left it with just a paragraph to go for a month, oops! 

Since I lived in Vegas for 3 years, my visits are probably different then a typical vacation there. I spent 6 days there and really enjoyed this trip. The perfect amount of time for friends, sun, running and great food. I did miss a few friends (former MGM coworkers I mean you) but otherwise I couldn’t be happier with this visit. 

Boarding a terrible Frontier flight. The seat was miserably uncomfortable and a complete tool and his hammered boss/mistress sat next to me. He complained the entire 4 hours on the plane and she spilt vodka all over my carry on bag. Plus they were feeling each other up, while complaining about her husband and daughter. But my clothes were super comfy!

My buddy, Oscar, was happy to see me!

I had to a long run while in town and did laps around the development KT lives in. It wasn’t terrible but OMG hot! The hot air balloons were a nice distraction. I enjoyed a couple podcasts and KT joined me for some of the middle miles. Thankfully she went my pace (because ugh slow in the hot, dry air)!

KT and Valerie introduced me to Cream at Downtown Summerlin. Can someone loan me the money to open a franchise in Atlanta?? It’s the most amazing thing ever! You pick your cookies (red velvet and chocolate chip for me), your ice cream (salted caramel round 1, French vanilla round 2 and 3), and any additional toppings (rainbow sprinkles because I’m 5) and they make you an ice cream cookie sandwich. They even warm the cookies. It’s my favorite place, hence why I made KT go 3 times.

So happy to see Kristin, Vivian and Yara for brunch at Bardot (photo courtesy of Kristin’s fancy camera)! Food was delicious and the company was great. We spent two hours catching up (Yara got engaged and married since we all last saw each other) and it was just nice to be around good friends. 

KT and I drove 2.5 hours into the middle of nowhere Nevada to the edge of Area 51 on the Exterrestrial Highway to run a 10k at 1 am. It was a pretty cool race, small and in the dark on an open road with cows roaming around. The 10k is pretty flat and starts at the Little A’le’inn in Rachel, NV. The elevation is pretty high, 4500-5000 ft, but it was in the 60s with 25 mph winds. I didn’t really notice the winds too much when running. I ended up running mostly alone, but could see everyone lit up along the course. The hardest part was figuring out how far away stuff was. In the last two miles I could see the finish but my Garmin was off so I had no idea how far away I was. I didn’t want to surge too soon. The dryness was killing me and I didn’t carry my own water so I had to stop at all 3 water stops. I ended up 8 seconds off of my PR!! Ughhhhhhhh so I know I should be like yessssss but I had more left in the tank and if it was daylight I may have been faster and pushed at the right time. But at least I know I still have my fitness levels even with the injury (oh yeah I hurt my left peroneal tendon and took a week off) and lack of speed work the last couple weeks. (I’ve added that back in the last month since I wrote that paragraph).

Two of my favorite things, a coke and cherry slurpee and a Capriottis Cole Turkey sub. This has to happen every trip. I think I had 3 slurpees this trip. 


Finally I got to meet Kara’s son Carter! He was a fun bundle of energy and it was great to get to play with him and catch up with Kara. They were sick during my last visit so this was a long time coming and he was just so adorable. Luckily he wasn’t shy and we had fun. 


I love Pho!! Luckily KT is always up for this when I visit. My fav place to go is Pho Kim Long in Chinatown. It’s just off the strip for those of you who stay there when visiting.

Cream round 2! Learned my lesson after the huge mess I made in round 1 and got it in a cup. By huge mess I mean it was all over my hands, face and phone. 

Red velvet pancakes at BabyStacks are SO GOOD! These plus the Huntington skillet and you’re full til dinner! Trust me on this one, you want to go here. 


I always have to go to the Bellagio Conservatory to see the current decoration. I had no idea what it was going in and was really excited to see it was a beach/ocean theme! It was beautifully done and I took a ton of photos but decided only to put 3 here so I don’t bore those of you that could careless 🙂 

After the stop at Bellagio, KT and I stopped by the Linq (the outside shopping area, no way I would ever go inside what was the Imperial Palace just with two name changes) to check out the Polaroid shop and Kitson before hitting up the fashion show mall so I could snag some Birkenstocks (soft bed are the way to go) and the north outlet mall (which got a nice upgrade since my last visit) where I picked up stuff for my Dad at the Columbia store. 

My last night in Vegas was spent with a happy hour and dinner with some UNLV friends (Jen, Sara and Shawnna) at Public School 702 at downtown Summerlin. The venue was interesting and the food and drinks (local craft beers) were good! And it was another quality catch up session with good friends.  

KT and I made our last stop at Cream before heading to Red Rock to meet Valerie for bingo! There was no winning for any of us but it was nice to spend my last night with two of my favorite people doing one of my favorite Vegas activities. 

For my last day before my red eye flight, KT and I headed to downtown Las Vegas. I love the container park and wanted to check out a restaurant. We had lunch at Carson’s Kitchen, then made our way to the container park. We went to a couple shops and I snagged some of the local chocolate to bring back for some coworkers. 

I love seeing how much Vegas has changed for the better each time I visit and I’ll be back next summer for a wedding! 

2 thoughts on “My Version of a Vegas Vacation

  1. You posted! Looks like an awesome trip, and I for one loved the photos of the Bellagio Conservatory.
    I do have to say I hope the cookie ice cream sandwich shop does not come to Atlanta because I’d rather not get Type II diabetes, since I would be there allthetime!

    • Yes! And then totally forgot to post on social media that I did! Seriously though the cookie ice cream sandwiches are the best thing I’ve ever had!

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