Paris Marathon Training Week 1- Locomotive Half Marathon Recap

We’ll see how long these recaps will last but here we go… Week 1 of Paris Marathon training is in the books. This definitely wasn’t a normal week but I’m happy to be back in the swing of things. 

So Monday began with a 4 mile recovery run. I’m pretty much stuck on the treadmill in the winter during the weak but I’m trying to get better at playing with inclines. Last cycle I mostly kept the incline at 0, oops. So it’s time to get better at that!

Tuesday I woke up feeling like crap and finally realized that all these migraines (that start as crazy sinus headaches with serious face pain) I’ve been having, multiple a week, are possibly a symptom of a sinus infection. Instead of running that morning I took some medicine and went to urgent care at lunch. I left with antibiotics and steroids and probably have had a sinus infection for a couple months. I took the rest of the day off from working out.

On Wednesday I shortened my 5 miler plus strides to 3 plus strides and ending with 3.5 miles. Thursday I had a super early morning so I took another rest day and honestly didn’t feel like doing cross training in the evening. I spent all day on my feet volunteering at Santa’s Village helping those in need pick out gifts for their kids. It was so fun! But I was beat and lost my voice by the end of the day. 

Friday I did 4 miles with strides that ended up being around 4.5 miles. I felt decent during this run and I finally felt like the medicine was starting to kick in. On Saturday I did 3 miles on the trail by my place, it was beautiful outside and I enjoyed a relaxing, slow run. I headed up to Kennesaw that afternoon to pick up my packet/bib for the Locomotive Half Marathon. It was a quick and easy process, that added an hour in the car round trip, but I did some Christmas shopping along the way that made it worthwhile.

On Sunday morning I got up early, ate my breakfast and drove the 30 minutes to the race start. I got there about 35 min before the race and parked right by the start. The bathroom line was long but thankfully went quickly. It was in the mid 50s, so I went back to my car, dropped off my hoodie and put on my hydration vest. I stretched and headed to the start. 

Took a selfie before the race, turns out a woman was sitting in the car next to me the whole time.

This race was pretty small so it wasn’t crowded at all. It hit 7:30 and off we went. I’ll be honest I was hoping the course wasn’t going to be too hilly but it definitely was hilly. Luckily there were some downhills to help ease the uphill but this course was pretty much never flat.

Procompression made their best sock design yet, the Ugly Sweater sock! 

I didn’t really have a total time goal since I have been sick, I wanted to stay in the 10s and see how I felt. If my body felt up to it (and the hills weren’t crazy) I would pick up the pace after the 10 mile mark. The course was not very scenic, it went through industrial areas and the small airport nearby but the course was really well marked and the volunteers were great. 

I definitely knew that the hills were something I hadn’t run long distance on in quite a few months but I’m glad I had been doing some loops through the hills in my neighborhood and playing with the incline during my treadmill runs. Like any other hilly course I try to fight my way up hill and let gravity do the work on the way down. This seemed to work well for me and fortunately I didn’t have to do any walking on the hills. 

Around the half way point I started to feel in a good groove and that this race was going to not be a suffer fest. The temperature stayed fairly cool and I grabbed Gatorade about every 1.5-3 miles and took 3 GUs along the way. I probably could have only done 2, but I didn’t want to bonk and I could tell the Gatorade was pretty watered down (totally okay for me, I prefer it that way). 

Around mile 10 (after a pretty hilly mile) the sun started to come out from the clouds and it was getting into the 60s and I was itching to find the finish line. I had a nice mile 11 that was mostly downhill but then the uphill a came for mile 12 that was pretty rough. Once I got around 12.5 miles I picked up the pace and passed a few people on the way in (one woman and I kept going back and forth). The finish was up a good little hill so I was definitely feeling it as I crossed the line.

Happy afterwards.

Official results of 2:17:14, which I’m pretty happy with for that course and being on antibiotics. They had a free pancake breakfast afterwards but I skipped out and headed home. I would definitely recommend this race if you’re looking for mid December local ATL race. Hills weren’t as miserable as the thanksgiving half marathon but it definitely wasn’t flat! It also was pretty cheap (I think I paid $40), came with a nice medal, long sleeve tech tee and pasta dinner/pancake breakfast. 

All things considered it was a good first week back into training. This next week will be a little easier to recover from the race and then things get pretty serious pretty quickly.

I’m excited to see how this cycle plays out and how the new things Jes has in store for me go! 

2 thoughts on “Paris Marathon Training Week 1- Locomotive Half Marathon Recap

  1. Awesome week and good job listening to your body. Antibiotics really take a toll on performance. Looking forward to following your training!!!

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