Goals for 2016

2015 was a great year of running for me! I set personal bests (PRs) in the 5k (26:50), 10k (57:47), half marathon (2:10:03) and marathon (5:39:31). I also made it a full year without a plumbing disaster (but did have a roof leak, home ownership is fun) so I consider this year to be a success. 2015 was the year I turned the corner and really began to do tougher workouts. I’m feeling stronger as a runner and I can’t wait to see how that turns out in 2016.

With Jes after my half marathon PR! We’ll be working together again this year. 

For 2016 I have 3 big goals…

  1. Raise $1000 for breast cancer research for the Donna Foundation. I’m over halfway there but still have $465 left to raise! I would love any support you could give and if you would like to donate you can go here. I’m excited to go back to Jacksonville to run the 26.2 with Donna half marathon and spend a weekend with my favorite girls celebrating another year of KT being cancer free! I’ll be shooting for a PR at this race to make strides towards goal #3. This goal is my number 1 priority for this spring.   
  2. Get to the start of the Paris Marathon healthy and happy! Back to back marathon cycles is new to me and I honestly hope my body can handle it. I’m so excited for this trip and I want to just have fun. I technically have to PR to be considered a “finisher” of this race. I definitely think that’s possible but I’m not putting the time pressure on myself for this race, that’s for goal #3!   
  3. Go sub 2 in the half marathon is my big goal for the year. This was the goal I first set as a runner and I had no idea what pace was needed to go sub 2, I just thought that sounded like a good time. 4 years later I’m ready to go for it! I’m hoping to go under 2:05 for the run with Donna half and then go sub 2 at the Yosemite Half in the fall.  I may add some other halfs in the fall if I don’t get sub 2 at Yosemite. This race should be a lot of fun and I can wait to be back on the west coast and run this downhill course. Not to mention check out a new national park. 

I’m also hoping to have some fun running shorter distances after the Paris marathon and get closer to 26 min in the 5k and around 55-56 min in the 10k. I’m really just looking forward to having fun in 2016 and not training for a marathon in the heat of the summer!  

4 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

    • Nice choice!! I’ve been eyeing Berlin but decided on Paris this year since there’s no lottery and summer training is so miserable in the south east πŸ™‚

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