Setting goals for the week, and sticking to them!

Today I’m completely lacking motivation. I have been working the night shift at my internship. I like the job, but my body hates the hours! I have been working until 3 or 4 in the morning. I’ve gotten used to being up that late, but I feel so lazy when I sleep til noon. My body needs the sleep, but I would love to be getting stuff on my to do list done (and have time to lay out).

I feel like I should be doing this all the time or this…
I need a tan! DESPERATELY!

I have a huge part of my professional paper due this Saturday, how much have I worked on it? Zero. I’m doing pretty much anything else to avoid it. I’ve been applying for jobs (if I get a job I think I will feel 100 times less stressed and feel better about my latest shopping spree that has my mom super mad at me) and cleaning (it takes a lot for me to do that).

I blogged before about my need to set goals to be productive and writing them out really makes me hold myself to them. Plus I’ve already met my cleaning goals for today, SCORE! I’ve also realized I haven’t always been realistic with the goals I set. I try to push myself by setting lofty goals, but I need to realize I just don’t always have time to fit everything in.

So today I’m setting goals for the week:

Monday: Begin editing part 2 of my paper. Try to get through 5 pages.

Tuesday: Editing Round 2, get through 10 more pages.

Wednesday: Editing Round 3, 5 more pages (this is a big goal since I’m playing in a poker tournament, for fun at work, I could win an ipad2! and we have our intern outing).

Thursday: Get through 10 more pages.

Friday: Re-write part 1 of paper.

Saturday: Final revisions and turn in paper.

Sounds doable and it has to be done by Saturday.

And to break through my laziness today, I put together a shoe rack (my closet really needs some organization), hung up a bunch of clothes on the floor and did some laundry. I’m trying to pull out of this working all night funk and get into a better mood.

A recent post by one of my fav bloggers, Jamie @ The Sometimes Healthy Living Blog, inspire this post and helped me realize I need to get out the funk I’m in.

What gets you motivated?? How do you make sure you stay productive??