Food Truck Friday

This week I don’t have any new food trucks to feature, but I think that will change after this weekend. I only made it to Vegas StrEats last saturday night and didn’t take any pics (bad blogger, I know). But there are a couple food truck events this weekend that should be a good time, and if you’re in Vegas you should check out.

Today (August 19) there is a great event going on to get donations for school supplies for children in clark county that can’t afford to get them. It is located at Powder n Sun (a ski and skateboard shop) on Fort Apache, just north of Tropicana. It goes from 5 to 9. Some of my favorite food trucks will be there!

Def go and support this good cause if you can!! I know I’ll be checking it out!

On Saturday night I am finally getting to go to the Saturday Night Truck Stop that is put on by Sloppi Jo’s. I’ve wanted to go the past two weekends but haven’t convinced anyone to go with me. Fortunately I’ve had a couple friends agree to go! There will be some trucks I haven’t tried yet there (yes there are trucks in Vegas I haven’t tried). I’m pretty excited!

I’ve heard great things about Saturday Night Truck Stop and I really just can’t wait to check it out. Jo has 6 food trucks coming out, plus the Cosmopolitan promo truck and Haute Chix Clothing Truck (I’m soooo sooo stoked to check out this new concept). The food trucks there will be Sloppi Jo’s, Haulin’ Balls (who I had a GREAT lunch from yesterday), Fukuburger, Food Slingers, Top Notch BBQ and Sin City Wings.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ve got a LOT of eating to do 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you ever tried a food truck before?

Food Truck Fridays Presents: LBS Patty Wagon

So I’ve been a lil slack in my food truck eating in the past week, but don’t worry I will make up that tomorrow night when I go to two different food truck events. Seriously I have a food truck problem, BUT I strongly support local businesses and these people work so hard I can’t help myself!

Over a month ago I checked out LBS Patty Wagon when I saw on twitter they were near my apartment. I had heard really good things about their turkey burger from the lovely Sno Ono Shave Ice ladies and I can’t turn down a good turkey burger!

So I got the California Turkey Burger with their shoe string fries. The fries came with their special fries sauce. I love sauce for fries, especially when it’s delicious like theirs is! I’m also a big fan of shoe string fries and thoroughly enjoyed theirs.

The California Turkey burger, is a turkey patty, with brie cheese, bacon, avocado and garlic herb mayo. I asked for no lettuce and tomato (no extra healthy on this girl’s burgers). The brie cheese was very interesting. I’ve never had that and it was a nice touch!

Overall I really loved this burger and def want to try them again. They came back to the place by my apartment and even tweeted to me to tell me, but my family was in town and I was on the strip with them. Hopefully I’ll get another one of these turkey burgers again soon!

If you want to learn more about LBS Patty Wagon, check out their website, twitter, or facebook.

Food Truck Friday Featuring Ben’s BBQ

During my parents visit to Vegas there was a food truck event going on at the Nevada Cancer Institute called the Food Truck Roundup. Four food trucks were there and a percentage of their sales went to the NVCI. The event is put on by own of my favorite Food Trucks, Ben’s BBQ. I haven’t had a chance to feature them yet, since my work schedule over the summer never matched up with their schedule. Luckily I was able to bring my parents to try out my fav BBQ in Vegas!

Ben’s BBQ is newer to the food truck world in Vegas but they make amazing bbq! Since living in the south I really love bbq and hadn’t found any I was totally in love with until I tried Ben’s for the first time. But I won’t just tell you how good it is, I’ll show you!

Ben’s Menu for the day

My Dad and I ordering, they had a nice crowd, which I always love seeing!

My dad got the pulled pork sandwich (so did I) and the smothered greens. My dad grew up eating greens so he knows his stuff and he really really liked these! We both really enjoyed their pulled pork sandwiches. The meat was really good and the hoagie roll was soft and perfect for the sandwich. They offer two BBQ sauces, we tried their milder one (hot doesn’t really go well for my family) and it was perfect!

My mom got the BBQ chicken sandwich (my mom is the healthy one in the family, she’s doing a sprint triathlon tomorrow) and the bleu cheese coleslaw. She ate all of it and loved it!

I think I could live off of mac n cheese, it’s one of my favorite things, and Ben’s mac n cheese with smoked bacon is AMAZING! Bacon is also one of my fav things so the combo of the two was great. I was pretty stuffed from my sandwich so my dad and I shared the mac n cheese.

After that filling meal, we had to try to dessert and Sno Ono Shave Ice just happened to be parked nearby as well.

Always up for some shave ice!

My dad really enjoyed his! And while not pictured, my mom thoroughly enjoyed hers as well!

My parents really loved their first food truck experience! Please check out Ben’s BBQ if you see them around town! The owners are the nicest people and their food is AMAZING! You can check out their website, twitter and facebook for more info and where they’ll be!

Also if you’re going to be in Vegas tomorrow night, you should check out the Saturday Night Truck Stop, 5 food trucks in one place from 10 pm – 4 am! It’s at Tommy Rockers off of Flamingo across from the Rio.

Food Truck Friday Featuring: Fuku Burger

Fuku Burger is one of more popular trucks in Las Vegas. Somehow I hadn’t tried them until last weekend. For some reason their menu never seemed to have anything I wanted, but then I wised up and went for it.

I had been working night shift and some of the media at the World Series of Poker (yes Eric, you got a shout out on my blog) said they were going to Fuku Burger. I obviously instantly invited myself to go along! Fuku parks in China Town on Friday and Saturday nights from 8 to late night.

 Fuku Burger does asian style burgers and they do them very well!

The Fuku Truck (sorry it’s dark, the iphone is not good at night photos)
I got the Tamago burger. It has their burger patty, a fried egg, crispy onions, teriyaki sauce and another sauce that was awesome and I don’t know the name of.

I got their fries, which come with a sauce similar to a sushi roll sauce and it was YUMMY!

One of my friends got the ButaBurger which also looked awesome (yes I made him let me take a pic of his food).
When you leave a tip, they give you tip jelly. I didn’t try it, maybe one day I’ll muster up the courage.
I loved my first experience at Fuku Burger, I went back the next night. Yes I have a food truck obsession, but really the food was JUST THAT GOOD!
This time I changed it up a lil bit, but only just a lil bit.
I got the Tamago Burger again, buttttt I added cheese and bacon to it! OMG AMAZING! This burger is a must eat.  It was unbelievable good. I also had the fries again and their homemade (i think) strawberry lemonade, which is sooo sooo good!
Fuku Burger is a must try! If you see them around Vegas, definitely stop. And you can check out their website here to get their weekly schedule.

Food Truck Friday:Vegas StrEats Edition

Last Saturday I attended Vegas StrEats Festival. It has Food Trucks, Art and Music. The festival has 9 food trucks serving food and a variety of local artists and vendors set up selling merchandise. There is a stage where different musical acts perform for an hour a piece.

The weather in Vegas was really strange last week, and it actually rained every day for at least 5 days in a row. So of course it rained during StrEats. It kept the temperature a little bit cooler which was nice and this girl brought an umbrella to try to stay dry. I had food from 3 different trucks while I was there, but my pictures are lacking because of the weather, trying to eat, drinking a beer or two, and just not enough hands to do it all.

Vegas StrEats is held in downtown Las Vegas, in a lot across the street from the El Cortez Casino. Downtown has a hipster vibe to it, as long as you stay away from the casinos (lots of older folks hang out in those) and there are some fun bars on Fremont Street, just around the corner from the El Cortez.

Going for a hipster look (and to protect my hair from the rain) I rocked a fedora

Engine 1 Pizza was our first stop. FF5 and I shared pizza and garlic fries. Both pretty good and gone quickly, we were hungry!

I forgot to snap a pic of my Sno Ono shave ice before I started eating, but this is towards the bottom. I tried adding mochi bits for the first time, they were DELICIOUS! I waited an hour and 30 min from line time to pick up time and it was worth EVERY minute! I love these ladies!

While I waited in line for Shave Ice, Katie and Melissa waiting in line for BBQ Boy LV. He does Filipino BBQ. I’ve tried him once before and his food is amazing. His pork and shrimp shanghai rolls are sooo yummy!! I also had one of his pork skewers, also awesome!
After StrEats we ventured over to a new bar on Fremont Street called Insert Coin(s). It has old school arcade games and its bottle service offers tables with a playstation console and big tvs to play video games.

Food Truck Friday: Lulu’s on the Move

This week’s Food Truck Friday edition focuses on Lulu’s on the Move. They offer a variety of items, mainly breakfast and lunch type items, as well as AWESOME desserts!

My first experience with Lulu’s on the Move was on 4 square day. I actually didn’t order from them that day my BFF, Katie, and FF5 both ordered sandwiches. Katie got a muffaletta and FF5 got a cuban sandwich. When they got their food, they threw in a free order of their dirty chips. Since Katie and FF5 had their hands full I started on the dirty chips, they’re chips covered with pulled pork, black beans, wasabi sauce and cheese. THEY ARE AMAZING! I seriously get them every time I go to lulu’s on the move, even though everything else on their menu look awesome, I can’t stop myself from getting the dirty chips every time.


I’ve been to Lulu’s a few more times as they’ve been around town. My other favorite item from them is their beignets. They offer them with different flavors and my favorite has been the strawberry shortcake. You could cover anything with powdered sugar and I would eat it, cause that’s how much I love powdered sugar, but these things are AWESOME! They sometimes have a key lime flavor, but I’ve yet to try it, it’s definitely next on my list. I’m looking forward to getting off the night shift so I can get back on my food truck diet.

The last time I had lulu’s on the move they threw in a free whoopie pie. I had been wanting to try one of their whoopie pies for a while now, but I’ve never been hungry enough to get one, and look at those beignets, I could never pass them up! I was really excited to try it. It was a red velvet with cream cheese flavor and it was SOO SOO GOOD! I may have inhaled in under a minute, or 30 seconds. 
Everything I’ve tried from Lulu’s on the move has been awesome and I’m looking forward to trying more things. You can check out their website, twitter or facebook for more info!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is Vegas StEats, if you live in Vegas you need to come down to the El Cortez from 6 pm to 2 am and check it out!

And if you’re interested in any of my past Food Truck Friday Posts you can check them out here:

TGIF! Looking forward to my day off and finally getting to go to Vegas StEats for the first time since April! Next week’s Food Truck Friday will be highlight of all the great food I will eat tomorrow!

Food Truck Friday Featuring Sloppi Jo’s

Today for Food Truck Friday, I’ll be talking about Sloppi Jo’s. Jo specializes in dishes with green hatch chiles. Her food has a mexican feel, but she definitely puts her own spin on her dishes!


I first tried Sloppi Jo’s at Vegas StrEats in April. She occasionally offers a fried mac n cheese stuffed with pulled pork in her Christmas sauce, which is a mixture of a red sauce and the green hatch chiles sauce. It was sooo yummy!! I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I wasn’t blogging yet so I miss out on that. I also tried one of their awesome cupcakes. I had the tres leche cupcake that was so GOOD!

Since then I try to find Sloppi Jo’s whenever I can. My work schedule has been preventing this, but in the last couple months I have been able to try them twice.

Above is the chicken tacos I tried a couple weeks ago. So yummy! normally I don’t like cabbage or lettuce in my tacos, but I decided to go with it and it actually was really good. I normally can’t handle spicy food, and this helped cut the spicy down. It was perfect! and it was so good I wasn’t paying attention and got sauce all over my pants (and had to go back to work afterwards).

I’ve also tried her pork tacos, they were my FAVORITE! Probably because I just love pork, but hey that’s just me! She also has breakfast cupcakes that have maple cake with bacon, maple butter cream, candied bacon, and maple syrup. I had it for breakfast the next day and it was YUMMY!

You can check out the menu for Sloppi Jo’s here. You can also see her schedule here. Definitely go check her out!! You won’t regret it! I wish I had taken more pictures for you to see her stuff, but you’ll just have to see it in person yourself!!