Things I love Thursday

Well I am still Internetless so here’s another blog post from my trusty iPhone. I can’t believe it’s thursday already and I’m actually out in the real world working. It’s my first full work day so I’m pretty excited.

Since I’m writing this on my phone you will be getting a short and sweet post. My new favorite treat are these…


Which are …


These things are amazing. Not too bad calorie wise and whenever I need a sweet treat they’re only a few steps away.

They have a mix of strawberry and vanilla ice cream between vanilla wafers. I’m not a huge chocolate person so they’re perfect for me.

What are your favorite treats?

What’s the longest your Internet has been out?

I’m really over it and will probably be calling the Internet company tomorrow!

Things I Love to Hate Thursdays: Nike Training Center

I almost forgot it was Thursday. I guess that’s what happens when your weekdays and weekends are the same. Let me just say that the Glee 3D movie was GREAT! I immediately came home and bought the soundtrack from itunes. Which was surprisingly my first glee cd purchase, crazyyyyyy! If you like Glee you should go check out the movie. The 3D didn’t give me a headache, which was nice since the last 3D movie I saw gave me a migraine.

Now on to Things I Love to Hate Thursday, yes I changed the title a lil bit today, because while I love the Nike Training Center, I also hate it. I had used the app on my iphone once before. It offers a lot of different workouts based on what you’re looking to do. Now that I have my iPad I decided its time to bring back the nike training app. It’s really great because I can workout in my apartment (perfect for a lazy girl) and I need the structure of something tell me what to do. I can’t just come up with workouts on my own. I forget what exercise I’m supposed to do next and I have no creativity. I read a lot of great blogs with tons of workout ideas, but there is one thing those usually lack, a video of the exact exercise! The Nike Training Center app has a video demonstration of each exercise, which is great for an uncoordinated lazy girl.

I took some screen shots from my iPad so you can get an idea of how it works

This is the main entry screen. You can either go through and select a workout or use quick start to use a workout you’ve already done.

There are four different goals or types of workouts. You can choose to be lean, toned or strong and they have 30 min to 60 min workouts. The get focused workouts are 15 min workouts on specific areas that you can pair with doing 30 min of cardio.

I use beginner for now (they’re HARD, or at least they are for me).

These are the workouts for the beginner section of get toned. I did the body flexor one today. Am I the only person who can’t do walking lunges? I almost fall over every time. I’m so not coordinated considering how athletic I used to be.

After the workout it gives you the option to share your workouts with facebook or twitter.

I’m hurting BIG time now, but I really like these workouts. The video demonstrations are great. Also you can set your playlists to play with the workout. You don’t have to keep track of anything yourself. The app tells you what exercise is next, it keeps track of the time, and it even gives you encouragement. Some of the exercises are in two minute blocks and I would start to get tired with 30 seconds left. Then a lil voice is like you can do it, or keep it up (no I’m not hearing voices in my head, it’s part of the app).

This app is great for anyone who wants a good workout and doesn’t want to pay for a trainer or exercise dvds. This is app is FREE! and easy to use.

Right after I started writing this post I saw fitsugar had posted a story about this app too, so be sure to check out their thoughts here.

Hope you all had a great Thursday 🙂

Things I Love Thursdays

I’m finally back in the swing of blogging and couldn’t wait to get back to Things I Love Thursday! This week I’m a lil baking/cooking kick and wanted to highlight my new favorite thing…

White chocolate chips!

I’ve always loved white chocolate more than any other chocolate, crazy I know. Last week I was in a baking mood. I was looking for a peanut butter cookie recipe, when I stumbled upon this recipe on How Sweet It Is. The recipe was for red velvet chocolate chip cookies. I love anything red velvet so I knew I had to make these. To put my own twist on it I used white chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips. For recipe details check out the link above, Jessica does a great job explaining everything (even my non talented self was able to do it, although I may have burned out my cheap mixer’s motor).

The end result ended up looking like this…

Other than my photography skills being a lil off, these cookies were AMAZING! Ask my bff Katie, I parted with 4 so she could try them. They were moist and perfect. I was pretty impressed with my skills.

Last night I was really craving something sweet, but not too sweet, while I was editing my pro paper (which I turn in on Friday!). In the past I’ve made popcorn and added cinnamon and splenda to make it sweet. Last night I used the following ingredients…

White chocolate chips, the knockoff splenda (grad student budget) and natural popcorn (do you know how hard it is to find PLAIN popcorn?? sooo hard)

Just pop the popcorn bag like normal and add in the splenda and as many white chocolate chips as you desire…

You can’t even tell I added anything. It made every bite a surprise because the white chocolate chips melted on to the popcorn.

I can’t wait to find new ways to use the white chocolate chips!

What is your favorite type of chocolate? 

What unexpected ways do you use chocolate?

Things I Love Thursday

So I’ve been surviving this week and hanging in there. Good news is my paper is done, well for the most part and my parents are here!

This post will be dedicated to the people I love the most, my parents. We have already been doing stuff around Vegas, or as much as their energy level can handle from the long plane flights across the country and a 3 hour time change.

My parents in San Francisco last year

At my cousin’s wedding in 2006

My parents and I in 2007 at a graduation reception.

I’m so excited my parents are here. Since I’m an only child we’re very close and they haven’t been in Vegas since I moved here two years ago. I look forward to all the fun posts I’ll have after all the touristy stuff we will be doing. They’re the best and probably deserve a much longer more dedicated post, but my wifi access is scarce since my router is down.

Also check out one of my new blend’s (blog friend), Lindsay, giveaway here. She’s so cute and has great work out ideas if you’re looking to mix things up!

I’m hoping to get a 7 links post up soon, we’ll see.

Things I Love Thursday

Sorry for being MIA this week, I have been busy watching my friend Phil make the November 9 in the World Series of Poker (there will be a full post on this soon!), and working on my paper. To top things off my wireless router has decided to stop working, which really limits my internet to my iphone, unless I connect the hard wire straight to my laptop, which is SO annoying.

On to the things I love, we’ll start out with one of my biggest obsessions:

Angry Birds the Original

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Seasons
I love this game and have beaten all the levels with 3 stars. I get so excited when new levels come out, but those birds can make you angry! It is a fun, yet sometimes frustrating game. I hope to get an ipad sometime this year, so then I will start angry birds all over again!
I also love Moscato wine my favorite being:
Barefoot Moscato. It’s cheap and yummy. It also makes the best white wine sangria.
Hope you all are having a great week! I hope to get back to more regular blog posting once I get my wifi situation figured out!

Things I Love Thursday

Oh Hi Thursday! So good to see you again! Here’s another edition of Things I Love Thursday. I can’t believe another week has gone by. Less than a week left on my internship and the real world is quickly approaching.

In honor of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 coming out at midnight tonight, I had to post a Hogwarts picture! I LOVE Harry Potter, and don’t worry I plan a whole post dedicated to the the series after I see the movie. If you’ve only seen the movies, PLEASE read the books, they look daunting but they are sooo sooo good! JK Rowling is such an amazing writer.
I love taking artsy looking photographs. This was taken with my iphone 4, it’s surprising the quality of the photos it takes. This is the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago.
Not sure I’ve met someone who doesn’t love froyo. This is the before photo of my strawberry froyo.

This is the after photo. With cookie dough bits, mochi bits, fruity pebbles, sprinkles, and white chocolate chips. It was AMAZING, I may have replaced my lunch with this yesterday. As you can tell I’m not a huge chocolate fan, I like it but I don’t love it. 
That wraps up another Things I Love Thursdays. 
What things do you love??

Things I Love Thursdays

It’s already that time of the week for another round of Things I Love Thursdays! I always enjoy this time of the week and love coming up with new things to share!

First up is one of my all time favorite desserts that isn’t some form of cake. I obv love cupcakes and cake but every now and then I like to mix it up.

I love creme brulee, the caramelized sugar on top is so crunchy and amazing! I basically lick the bowl when I get these. This one is from my fav all you can eat sushi places, Oyshi! Yes I get creme brulee from a sushi place and it’s THAT good!

I think my 4 years of college in the south made me a big fan of bud light! I prefer it in the bottle, but when feeling a lil red neck I’ll drink it from the tall boy cans! I love their golden wheat version as well!

I’m really into cross body bags right now! I purchased this black Kate Spade one from Gilt Group. Got it for a quite the steal! I wear it pretty much every day and it hold just the right amount of stuff. I had been on the lookout for the perfect cross body bag and this was just what I was looking for! 
That’s it for this edition of Things I Love Thursday! Kept it short and sweet today! Hope you all are having a great Thursday! 
What things do you love or can’t live without??

Things I Love Thursdays Round 3

Wow I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! This summer is flying by! Soon it will be August, I’ll be done with school and have to find a job back out in the real world! CRAZY!

So on to the things I love. This edition seems to be a Florida edition since all these things are from back home.

We’ll start off with what I believe will be a fan favorite:

 The Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit! I’m pretty sure this is scientifically proven to be the best way to start your day! I picked up this lil guy on my last trip to Florida in May, right after I got off the red eye from Vegas! Now if you’ve never had chick-fil-a you’re MISSING OUT! and you need to go on their website, find the closest one and drive there IMMEDIATELY! If you miss breakfast hours, get a chicken sandwich or nuggets or anything else on the menu cause it’s AWESOME! Then stay the night nearby and get a chicken biscuit for breakfast! You’ll thank me afterwards, I PROMISE! or curse me since you will be addicted and not live close to one!  I miss these in Vegas, they’re soo yummy! If anyone wants to invest some capital in a Vegas location I would be happy to run it for you (and totally capable with my dual mba and hospitality degrees).

Now it’s hard to top a chicken biscuit, but who doesn’t love a lil…

BASEBALL! It’s America’s pastime. I grew up in the heart of spring training country, and even skipped school to go to Braves games as a kid. Whenever I’m home I try to go to Marlins games. No one ever goes, so you can get good tickets for cheap! And I have a family friend that can usually get me free tickets 🙂 The real reason I go is for stadium food! helloooooo nachos!!

This next picture may confuse a few of you, but I can’t deny the red neck in me. My dad grew up on Lake Okeechobee so a lil of that red neck blood carried over!

Now I don’t love gators, they actually scare the CRAP out of me!! But i LOVE counting gators or spotting them on trips. So this is where being a lil red neck kicks in. Whenever we drive out to my dad’s hometown to visit family, there’s a back road with canals. I make my dad go down that road so we can have a friendly family competition of counting gators in the canals! It’s a tradition and i LIVE for it! While my dad used to win all the time, I’ve really stepped my game up in recent years and have won a few times! My parents also have a home in north Florida on the St. John’s River. We do a lot of fishing and jet skiing and when we’re out I’m always on the lookout to spot gators. It amazes me to see people swimming in the water and just around the curve is a 12 foot gator!! You’ll never see me in that water!! They’re amazing creatures and I love looking at them (from a distance)!

Hope you enjoyed this Florida edition of Things I Love Thursdays!

What things do you love??

Things I Love Thursday

Another Thursday, brings another Things I Love Thursday. I hope everyone is having a good week, it is my weekend today, since it’s my only day off for the week. I’m already making progress on my to do list, my apartment is on its way to being clean (well cleaner) and after this post I will be working out! So on to some of the things I love.

First off today we have one of my favorite summer time hobbies, laying by the pool. I don’t think life gets much better than that. It’s super hot in Vegas so I try to be the pool as much as possible. This picture is just at my apartment complex, on a nice 80 degree day. Now it’s in the 100s to 110s, so my pool time is spent mostly on a raft in the pool! Another fun thing about Vegas is going to the Ultra pools, it’s like a big pool party with a dj and a lot of mojitos! I enjoy hitting those up every now and then, but for the most part I spend my pool days at my apartment or at friends’ houses.

So it may be a little warm in the summer for soup, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I just LOVE the broccoli cheddar soup from panera bread! It’s so yummy! Especially when you dip their french baguette into the soup! It’s one of my favorite on the go meals! I frequent panera bread wayyy too much!

Who doesn’t love Bingo?? Most people think Bingo is for older folks, but I’m a HUGE fan of Bingo! You have 6 cards going at once and you can choose to mark your cards yourself or get an electronic machine that does it for you. If you get the electronic machine then you can have many more games going at once. I prefer to mark my own cards because I have so much fun with it! And the big plus to bingo is if you just make low bets (like me) you pay $6, you have a lot of fun and you get FREE drinks! I really don’t think you can go wrong with that! If you’re playing on the weekends go as late as possible, because the older folks will be asleep! 

I’m really looking forward to my post tomorrow. I had a great food truck lunch today and can’t wait to tell you about it for food truck friday tomorrow!!