Travel Bug Part 2

Part two of the travel bug begins in January. I’ve been having fun with these posts reliving my trips from the past year! It’s amazing how many places I’ve been able to go!
Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego with family over MLK weekend. The zoo in San Diego was awesome! So many different animals and quite the workout!!

February in Huntington Beach, California with FF5, we also hit up Disneyland (YAYYY) and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway. 
Charleston in March with my BFFs for a girls weekend, and we met up with Payton! 
March in Fort Lauderdale for Alison’s Bachelorette Party
Can’t go to Florida without a trip to a Marlins Game with free tickets!
Back to Florida in May for Alison’s Wedding.
Peru in May at Machu Picchu on my birthday! 
I still have the travel bug, but I really feel so fortunate to travel to all these places in the last year! I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for me!
Do you get the travel bug?? Where do you really want to travel too??

Travel Bug: Part 1

I love to travel and whenever I see a week or two of free time I’m trying to figure out where I can go. This is the first time in a while where I don’t have plane tickets booked for a trip. I start to get antsy and am constantly trying to figure out where I want to go next. I am really itching to get to Seattle, Portland, Napa Valley, San Diego and many other places! Living on the west coast has opened up a lot of new places that I can get to quickly! I’m holding off on booking any new trips in case a job opportunity will present itself. So to try to keep the travel bug at bay, I’m going to go through all the places I’ve been in the past year… it’s been a lot!! I’ll be splitting the trips up over two days, since it’s a lot for just one post.

Places I’ve been in the past year (August 2010 to January 2011):

Yosemite with Mom and Dad
San Fran with Mom and Dad 
We did Yosemite and San Fran last August, it was a blast! Yosemite is so beautiful, I wish we had had more time to spend there, but it was a quick trip!
Detroit for the Eminem and Jay Z Concert! EPIC! This concert was unreal!
This my attempt at being artsy, while using an iphone camera. The ferris wheel at Navy Pier in Chicago.
I went to Detroit and Chicago over labor day weekend last year. 
Epic concert and a fun cities = a great weekend getaway! 
Atlanta in October for my BFF’s wedding. SO FUN! 
Visiting my family in Florida for Thanksgiving, and playing the xylophone with Jayda.
HOGWARTS! in December in Orlando 🙂 went with my cousins to Harry Potter World, so fun!
Back in SO FLA, where else can you see a boat on wheels?? 
Kauai with FF5 and family over New Years. SO BEAUTIFUL! WANT TO GO BACK NOW!
Tomorrow we’ll look at the trips from January to June 🙂 

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Packing

Like I said in my first post, I love to travel!

Right now I am currently visiting my family in South Florida for 8 days, then off to Peru for a school trip for 9 days.  I am flying spirit airlines, they fly direct from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale and I had enough miles for a free trip, so I booked it. Plus they fly direct from Fort Lauderdale to Lima, Peru. The one problem with Spirit is they charge for any carry on that does not fit under the seat. It’s actually more expensive to carry on a bag, than to check it! But being lazy I hate checking bags! Who likes waiting around in baggage claim?? NOT this lazy girl!! AND to top it off Spirit has lowered its baggage weight limits from 50 lbs to 40 lbs. So 17 days of temperatures ranging from 95 degrees to 40 degrees, all under 40 lbs. Also I was in wedding, so I had to bring a bridesmaid dress with me as well!

So how does a Lazy Girl go about packing for a trip like this? It’s all about procrastination! I always hold out as long as possible to do laundry, that way I have all my wardrobe options available. Then as I’m folding and sorting through the clean laundry, two piles begin, those that will be put away and those that will be going on the trip with me. Now those in the put away pile, might not actually get put away before the trip (come on people I’m LAZY) but at least I know the pile is clean!

Once I have all the clothes I want to bring with me on my trip laid out, I begin the folding and rolling process. I like to roll my clothes, it leaves less wrinkles and takes up less space in my suitcase. So I roll everything first and put it in piles, shorts, shirts, pants, dresses, tank tops. Then I put the bigger items in the bottom of the suitcase and just work my way up. Once I have everything packed I attempt to lift the suitcase and judge how heavy it is.

I recently bought a digital luggage weighing scale from wal-mart (only $14) and it’s a LIFE (and money) SAVER! So everything was all packed up and it was time to weigh the suitcase. It was a whopping 49 lbs. Panic begins to set in (I get a lot of anxiety before traveling, can’t help it, it just happens) and I start trying to figure out what to dump from my bag. I figure I can try to sneak past spirit with a second small carry on tote bag, and put the bridesmaid dress and all my extra shoes in that bag. That only knocked the weight done 3 lbs, so I had 6 more to go! So the painful process of limiting clothes began, and I cry as every cute shirt gets removed from my bag. I get the bag done to 40.5 lbs and give up, and hope the guy at the airport is nice and will let me on.

Tips for a Lazy Packer:

  • Kill two birds with one stone: sort laundry and stuff to pack at the same time, that way you’re not going through clothes twice.
  • Buy a digital luggage scale: it keeps you on track so you’re not frantically moving things around at the airport, or having to pay high priced over weight fees!
  • If you are going to more than one destination, try to re-wear items and bring pieces you can mix and match with other outfits.
  • Bring as few shoes as possible! They take up a lot of space and weight! For 17 days I have three pairs of shoes! 
  • Lay things out that you are really important ahead of time, such as: passport, prescriptions, and hotel/rental confirmations. That way they are all together and ready to be packed away when the time comes.